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  1. Looking for players for a Dark Nova game

    I'm going to start a Dark Nova game in the San Antonio area either Dragon's Lair or Gamerz Pairadice, depends on where the players are really. Dark Nova is a futuristic space flight fantasy game that takes place about 350 years in the future. Humanity has expanded, colonized, terraformed planets to habitat. Encountering a number or different races all unique with their own advantages and flaws. A variety of technologies, ships, and weapons to explore the galaxy with, fight for your lives and make ...
  2. Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space: Games of Chance

    Wednesday, October 2, 2013

    (After playing Matt’s Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space scenario “Games of Chance” by James DiBenedetto on Sunday, March 24, 2013, at CaesarCon with Steve, Adam, and Trevor)

    The 10th Doctor had been travelling with Mickey Smith, Sgt. Major Phillip Wingate of UNIT, and a scientist who called himself Dr. Magus Johnson from the 21st Century for several days. They were suddenly disturbed by an alarm sounding from the control console. ...

    Updated 03-11-2014 at 10:06 AM by Max_Writer

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  3. Rifts Anyone?

    Looking to run an online game of rifts. I won't be able to start one right away, but looking for Feb. I haven't played in a long long time so would be a bit rusty, and I tend to make my world up as I go, loosely based of the books, BUT if you are interested let me know. Email me I am not on pen and paper much, trying to get change that
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  4. SWSE Custom Items: Redde's Hand Canon

    So here is the first customization that Redde put together. Just a pistol, with some extra pop. Something to keep you safe around the shadier sabacc tables.

    Redde's Hand Canon, Medium Pistol
    Rate of Fire: S Stun DMG: N/A Weight: 1.5kg.
    Ammo: 100 of 100 Power Source: Power Pack x2
    Type: Energy Availability: Military
    Cost: 8000 credits Damage Roll: 3d6+3 Attack Roll: -1
    DMG Rolls: +1 DMG per die

  5. Star Wars Saga: A trip through a long, long time ago...

    Hey there nerds! I am Mac, and I will be posting some articles an items from my favorite game system: Star Wars RPG, Saga Edition. I hope to kick start some fun times in regards to this game here on this site, as well as others that I visit from time to time.

    My blog will include some tech specialist stuff from the Original Redde:Yohan! He has a small shop now, but is getting close to owning his own hanger bay, and aspires to own his own spaceport! Anhow, I thought i would start ...

    Updated 01-05-2014 at 01:48 AM by Yohan Redde