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  1. Come play my blog word game

  2. Another Life #2

    I decided to roll up a Labyrinth Lord character for today. Labyrinth Lord is a D&D Basic/Expert clone, and as someone who came into RPGs with D&D Basic I think it is very well done. I rolled the character the only way a read D&D Basic player does 3d6 straight down the line.

    Dex: 9
    Con: 15
    Int: 15
    Wis: 17
    Cha: 10

    Wow, can't ask for much better rolls than that. Why can't I roll those stats when it counts for something? ...
  3. Switching Gears: Light In the Darkness

    I didn't know Obsidianportal existed till today when I got the email that our site "allied" to them. Fortunate for me, I checked it out and found a really cool tool to all of us dms out there. Basically the site is a wiki of sorts that manages the information we type into it...I've messed around with it and here's mine only an hour.

    Also, you might have noticed if you followed that link that I'm closing up my Ravenloft ...
  4. Sandbox revisted.. The Northen Western Lands.

    It has been awhile since I went back to my Sandbox game, but today I will jump back into the fray.

    When I last left off I was finishing the Continent of the Vos. Now I will be trailing North West across the Bjornhold sea to a place that many didn't like to travel. The Esurdians called it the Darklands. It was a place of barbarity and primeval horrors. This was the home of the barbarian Minotaurs and their Beholder masters. There was also a population of savage humans who worshiped dark ...
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  5. Another Life #1: Cpt. Duke Geral Hamilton

    Classic Traveller
    Duke Cpt. Gerald Hamilton, Navy Deceased

    Personal ID Number: 645F8F

    Born to a wealthy noble family on heavy world Yu-Shar, Gerald always knew he would follow the family tradition of the eldest male serving in the Navy. Straight out of school he accepted a commission and trained for the medical corps. He also rated well with the auto pistol.

    During his second term he joined the Search and Rescue division where he ...