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  1. In the Sandbox... the world around Esurdia

    Sorry it has been awhile since I posted, I apologize. As I last left off I was was getting ready to talk about the the lands around Esurdia. To me this is a funny statement, as Esurdia was a band of islands,. Any ways I digress.

    To the South East the Continent of Vos stood. It's boarder ended East at the Dwarven Mountains of
    Kazrak-ac-Thúl. The Continent was named after the indiginous people called the Vos. The major nation in the continent was the Empire, both standing and fallen, ...
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  2. Sundered Skies: Session 5

    Three weeks into their travel across the endless Void, the Firefly comes across another ship heading in the opposite direction. As the ships close, the lookout discovers that the other ship is an orcish war raft, a raiding vessel built by lashing multiple ships together as one. The captain prepares her ship and crew for an attack but upon coming into close range, the war raft is revealed to made of only smaller ships and the orcs are detered by the apparent skill, armament and size of Firefly's ...
  3. Sundered Skies: Session 4

    This session became mostly a "planning/investigating/recovering" session.

    The ship returned to Gateway and the first order of business was to return Allon's remains to Tomas who then rewarded them as promised and left to grieve. The Captain found buyers for their salvage and scrapped together the necessary money to make repairs to the ship. Adrian's fever broke and he came out of his coma shortly after arriving, learning subsequently of the attack upon the ship. The crew ...

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  4. Sundered Skies: Session 3

    Sorry for the lack of updates here recently. The Sundered Skies game is still going and I am about to post the missed adventures in rapid succession.

    At the start of session 3, the crew had left the island crash-site having recovered the body of Tomas' son and learning the fate of his crew. The next day after setting sail for Gateway, the crew of the Firefly is drawn to a commotion on deck when a blinding flash of light is accompanied by a terrified scream which transforms into a ...
  5. OpenRPG 1.7.7

    When you go to it redirects you to which I assume is the home for the software, or was at some time. It has handy downloads where you can install it. Installing using the packages here gets you the wrong version. Even if you do the patching that it suggests you end up with version 1.7.1 of OpenRPG.

    That version will work, but it has some pretty major bugs with the maps. It can't seem to handle loading multiple images at a time. ...