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  1. Solstice Gaming

    Anyone out there run specific themes for this weekend? I've done it in both sci-fi and fantasy. Sadly, the gaming crew is "out" for the weekend. Everyone here in Seattle seems serious enough about it to do something... as if "gaming" is not special... i don't get it

    Seriously, the Fremont Parade is this weekend, which is always worth it, admittedly, but its been like a weekend a half and i'm jonzing hard for my fix. Working hard on a new version of my ...
  2. Working hard to support the PaPG

    Well, so far, while its been slow, i've had a good experience in the groups at the site to assist in adventure writing. One particular result has been some good ideas that i have managed to turn into an adventure for my own system.

    I've decided to publish the materials online and free of charge, in perpetuity. They are not quite finished yet, but i've posted what i got at:

    I welcome input ...
  3. We are still here, just busy

    by , 06-19-2009 at 10:27 AM (cplmac's campaign logs & blogs)
    At this time, we should be having another session of our Tsojcanth game on June 27th. With the large group and varying Summer schedules, we are limited on when we are able to have game sessions. Also, just for those that have been following the campaign log, since I will be leaving for vacation with the family the next day, the game session won't be updated on the blog until July 6th or later. Sorry about the inconvenience, but I won't have computer access while on vacation. Although, with the time ...

    Updated 06-19-2009 at 10:31 AM by cplmac

    Miscellaneous Entries
  4. D&D 4th Edition Character Sheet

    For some time now I've been working on a character sheet for D&D games in OpenRPG. Its gone through various incarnations along the way as I learned the rules better and found some new tricks to use in the sheet building tools.

    What I've been after is a sheet that will assist with the math from all the modifiers that you end up with during a game. The sheet is supposed to have you fill in the basic information, then when you need to make a roll it pulls together all of the various ...
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  5. The Ravenloft Files Vol.12: The Shadow Walkers - The Keepers of the Vault Pt. II

    Excerpt from the Journals of Vassago ApVay, Shadow Walker:

    (Continued from Day One): Fortunately, the rest of us took out the three remaining ghouls without further difficulty. And the paralysis on Angus lasted for only a few minutes. But when he was able to move again, he kept talking about the ghouls and the helpless feeling of being paralyzed.

    It seemed that Angus's troubles would continue to mount, as he now appeared to be obsessed with the thought of ghouls and their ...