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  1. D&D 4th Edition Character Sheet

    For some time now I've been working on a character sheet for D&D games in OpenRPG. Its gone through various incarnations along the way as I learned the rules better and found some new tricks to use in the sheet building tools.

    What I've been after is a sheet that will assist with the math from all the modifiers that you end up with during a game. The sheet is supposed to have you fill in the basic information, then when you need to make a roll it pulls together all of the various ...
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  2. The Ravenloft Files Vol.12: The Shadow Walkers - The Keepers of the Vault Pt. II

    Excerpt from the Journals of Vassago ApVay, Shadow Walker:

    (Continued from Day One): Fortunately, the rest of us took out the three remaining ghouls without further difficulty. And the paralysis on Angus lasted for only a few minutes. But when he was able to move again, he kept talking about the ghouls and the helpless feeling of being paralyzed.

    It seemed that Angus's troubles would continue to mount, as he now appeared to be obsessed with the thought of ghouls and their ...
  3. WoD DA:Vampire my basic rules

    So Dice roller will be: http://www.umbralechoes.com/WoDRoller.php

    character and chronicle resources can be found here: http://mrgone.rocksolidshells.com/ all under OWoD Dark Ages

    I will be using The Rule Book, Book of the High and Low Clans (or the Liber Sanguinis if you don't have the updates), The Road books, Dark Ages Europe, and I'll add more as we narrow down the story line.

    I will ask that all interested will let me know where the story will take place, ...
  4. Expedition to Ravenloft Session 3

    I'll keep this weeks post shorter than my usual with just sharing the highlights before I start preparing for the next game.

    * The PC's entered into a "Bride of Dracula" senario with some of the women Strahd has turned over the years (the three brides were Pale Reavers that were "draining" Ireena while the "Master" was away), the PC's scared them off and were able to restore Ireena from a withered weakend and diseased creature on the virge of a necromatic ...

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  5. Alias Library tool

    As a GM in OpenRPG you often need to change names often to act as an NPC during dialogs or whenever there's more than one NPC around. You can do this by changing your name repeatedly with the /nick command, but its more you have to type.

    You may also want to use various colors of text so that what you type stands out a bit more. I like a nice bold red color when I'm talking as the DM and either black or shades of blue for NPC's. If you're using /nick to change your name then you ...