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  1. Pure craziness

    As inspired as i've been, the heat's totally demotivated me. Even in my basement its warm with no air flow. My writing has slowed to a trickle, my game playing reflective of that as well. Big group coming up on Seafair weekend - making it hard for people to get here, so now i've had to offer refuge starting at 10am so folks can miss the traffic.

    This upcoming group represents a reconstituted Dunstrand Rising game with changes to the emphasis on particular players. We shall see how ...
  2. Blog you say...

    Im not sure what to say in here really. I guess I can tell you about my Gnome Sorceress named Karanym who currently is drifting on the open sea towards some .Island or other in the forgotten realms (i can't remember which one) attempting to help her party sneak into a big big prison so they can free an innocent man before he is hanged and then prove that the real guilty party is guilty. Intense stuff.
  3. DM Worldcraft: Obsidian Portal Wiki

    Hi again and apologies for the long delay between blog entries. The stresses and tribulations of everday life couple with some medical issues have prevented me from being able to sit down and collect my thoughts in a manner which I deem is suitable enough to convey in the written word.

    With that aside, I will continue my entry for today. With the news that Pen & Paper Games had partnered with Obsidian Portal, I decided to take a look at this site and see what it was all about. ...

    Updated 07-28-2009 at 09:44 AM by Doom Crow

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  4. The Brooding City: Ch7 Temple of the Hungry Eye prt3

    The group replenishes supplies and tries to penetrate the temple once again. To their dismay, the occupants used their resources to defend the complex. New traps were set up, difficult to disarm. They broke down a newly constructed wall only to come face to face with a baslkike that turn our Professor into stone. Once defeated Srieska and Garrit are besieged by a patrol with a half-orc warrior, an insect man ranger, a cloaked adept, and a feral bugbear. But the combined forces of Srieska and Garrit ...

    Updated 07-27-2009 at 03:51 PM by wizarddog (Taking out episode blurb)

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  5. Beating the heat with gaming

    So, yesterday i went shooting for the first time this year. Skeet, trap, pistol, rifle (308 + AR 15), and archery. This is always good perspective for a gamer... too many i know have never swung a sword (i have; GOA, SCA and Kendo), shot a bow or gun. I reccomend it. But, after 5 hours of it i'm exhausted... so what do i do? I get inspired and write.

    Nothing like getting close to weapons to inspire the mind to new scenarios for gaming. I find that it drives the creativity for combat ...