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  1. Loot Only When Appropriate

    Watched Knowing the other night interesting flick and pretty good. But I noticed something that I have seen a lot of in destruction films. Namely Cloverfield and one of those shitty Day of Destruction Earthquake things. In these movies people always loot when the news breaks what's going on. Now I get the appeal of looting, there's free shit, you're out with friends, and you get to throw bricks through windows. Who doesn't want to loot? And if you know that 2/3rds of the way through the film that ...
  2. Excerpt from EoC #2

    This is the death of the beloved Shaman "Scrat" who saves the parties life from the 3 20's I rolled in a row. (SERIOULS I ROLLED THREE!)

    [Soft Serve] 8:07 pm: Scrat runs like hell across the slippery wooden deck, finds a spot where the
    wood creaks, stops and says "did you hear that?" before falling through the deck 50ft to the lower
    floor and getting impaled on sharp rocks that pierced through the boats hull when it crashed and got
  3. Just got done with party and my first time ever being DM!!!

    My story was well written and I had some really good parts, but I am not a good DM. I can write the adventures but when it comes down to actually being in control of the dungeon, my lack of full knowledge of all the rules really shows and I ended up giving out information and I made the mistake of not making a key system for the final boss and they ended up attacking him first. I made some mistakes but it worked out b/c without those and me dumbing down the boss, they woulda been toast. I had to ...
  4. Creating tokens

    For those continuing from my last post you've got a collection of images showing up in your Resource Library. You have hopefully tried dragging them onto the map and building an encounter. I still say that these images aren't ready for use on game day. The remainder of this post will help you get them fully ready for use.

    The first thing we need to do is talk about the 4 layers that the MapTools map works off of. It you look in the top right corner of the map you'll see the layer ...
  5. Dolling, Again.

    Been a while since I made these, actually. I just hadn't noticed that I didn't post them.

    The first is Stalwart Second, a Zenith Caste Solar in my Exalted group. The challenge here was sizing his head down for his body. Second is meant to be a rather tall man and the style of animation is such that heads tend to be larger than in real life. This gave the impression that his head was bigger than his entire torso and just wouldn't do . I recolored and added in a horse for him. Also, ...

    Updated 07-18-2009 at 09:46 AM by GoddessGood

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