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  1. Valen Antel - First Nights Adventure

    Finally a full fledged 4th Edition game...lets see how it went:

    * Dungeon Master Notes

    SETTING: in the village of Talaverberger in the West Shore Province.

    INTRODUCTION: After years of listening to all the old adventures tell their tales in the villiage in (The Blue Anvil), our heroes have decided to set out to make their own tales, legends. Years ago, they found a hidden tunnel leading ...
  2. Building Maps

    You've now got a collection of tokens that are ready to use to create a map to cover an encounter for your players to battle against. We've actually seen most of what needs done for it. You simply drag your tokens onto the map in the correct layers and position them. What I'd like to discuss here are some other things you can do with the map on game day.

    The first step in making maps is to set the background for it. When you start MapTool it will show a grassy field in the map. ...
  3. great to have people help in your game

    I ran my face to face game yesterday. The group was to invade a ship to sink it. The ship was carrying a large amount of pepper which the owner of the ship wanted to flood the market driving down prices significantly. Some interests opposed it and hired the group to remove the ship.

    I had some friends who I contacted to run the crewmen. I gave them the stats the layout of the ship and a bit of direction and let them work out the defense.

    They gave me the basics of their ...
  4. The Claimants Wars follow up.

    So with the helm placed upon the Ranger's head and the seeds of discord set in place the first strike against the crown swung into effect. It was the wedding day for the a fore mentioned paladin and before he arrived at his family's chapel he spent a day in meditative prayer. Eron grabbed his men and raided the Estate of his one time friend and raped murdered and butchered all in the place, from bridal party to guests. The barbarity of it all sent a shock wave through the kingdom.


    Updated 07-21-2009 at 02:29 PM by deathboy

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  5. Loot Only When Appropriate

    Watched Knowing the other night interesting flick and pretty good. But I noticed something that I have seen a lot of in destruction films. Namely Cloverfield and one of those shitty Day of Destruction Earthquake things. In these movies people always loot when the news breaks what's going on. Now I get the appeal of looting, there's free shit, you're out with friends, and you get to throw bricks through windows. Who doesn't want to loot? And if you know that 2/3rds of the way through the film that ...