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  1. The Angelics: somebody's watching

    Just as the party was about to set aside some time to reverse engineer some valuable software, they encountered an angel with the potential to help them solve a few mysteries. The Order quickly tracked down this new angel friend when this angel tried to make a quick and dirty deal for fast money. They captured and took that angel away.

    The party soon realized they were being watched, their captured friend knew too much, and the party was afraid their secret would fall into the hands ...
  2. Back again...

    Yeah, so I've spent the spring being fairly quiet online. After an amazing TempleCon 2009 (twice as many people as TempleCon 2008!), I didn't get my usual month-long break, but plunged right into an amazingly hectic dance performance schedule (11 shows over the course of 10 weeks, with 8 different costumes and sets of choreography - crazy!), with people already banging on the door wanting to know about TempleCon 2010.

    In response to feedback from TempleCon members and due to an obvious ...
  3. My first time DMing and my birthday party tommorrow

    I'm gonna have my birthday party tomorrow and try my hand at being a DM with my group. It should start around midnight tomorrow so I'll prolly update this thing saturday evening. Went to Mongolian BBQ today for my birthday
  4. Zombie Apoc. Part 4.

    So hopefully you have read the first three parts leading to this one. If not then go ahead and read them. If you don't want to then...idc? Please rate this, or comment with opinions. I like critics. Oh and if you HAVE been reading...You thought he was dead didn't you? MUAHAHAHA.

    I have never been knocked unconscious in my life, but since I've been to Canada it's happened twice. It's not a great feeling getting beaten until you can't see. So my left leg is broken, and everything hurts. ...

    Updated 07-18-2009 at 01:55 AM by Soft Serve

    Zombie Stories
  5. Goladith Story CH 1/PT1

    As he walked in to the tavern, Goladith looked around for an empty table. Not finding any he makes his way to the bar. He hails over the barkeep and orders a mug mead and a dinner plate. Shortly after a tall angry looking woman with long red hair and chain mail walks in and looks around. Spotting Goladith at the bar she storms over and sits down next to him. She looks over at him and says “Did you at least order me anything while you left me to tend the horses all by myself? Oh who am ...

    Updated 08-25-2009 at 11:10 AM by goladith