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  1. The Brooding City: Ch7 Temple of the Hungry Eye prt3

    The group replenishes supplies and tries to penetrate the temple once again. To their dismay, the occupants used their resources to defend the complex. New traps were set up, difficult to disarm. They broke down a newly constructed wall only to come face to face with a baslkike that turn our Professor into stone. Once defeated Srieska and Garrit are besieged by a patrol with a half-orc warrior, an insect man ranger, a cloaked adept, and a feral bugbear. But the combined forces of Srieska and Garrit ...

    Updated 07-27-2009 at 03:51 PM by wizarddog (Taking out episode blurb)

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  2. Beating the heat with gaming

    So, yesterday i went shooting for the first time this year. Skeet, trap, pistol, rifle (308 + AR 15), and archery. This is always good perspective for a gamer... too many i know have never swung a sword (i have; GOA, SCA and Kendo), shot a bow or gun. I reccomend it. But, after 5 hours of it i'm exhausted... so what do i do? I get inspired and write.

    Nothing like getting close to weapons to inspire the mind to new scenarios for gaming. I find that it drives the creativity for combat ...
  3. Power gamers

    The Power Gamer, great god of war, master of nuking the ever living Zeus out of boss mobs, speed looter of corpses, ruiner of game sessions? Most DM's will agree that any good Power Gamer worth his salt will at any given moment destroy a combat challenge in a few rounds, but does this mean the power gamer is ruining the gaming session? I'm conflicted in this question. Some times is fantastic to see the raw power of a player with enough guts to push aside the idea that D&D characters have to ...
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  4. city adventures

    I decided that I wanted to do a city adventure for the two games I am currently running. This marks a departure for me and my old group. We used to have a combination of things within the campaign.

    What I did to help set it up was to create a dateline with regular events, and special events. In another forum the guy described how he did his. I chose excel to make the table. I set up the dates, I have a program which does the weather and I put that in one of the columns as well as ...
  5. Scepter Tower of Spellgard [Part 5]

    We had a new character join the party this week. The original DM finally got his schedule in order and is able to rejoin the group. He's playing a Dragonborn Paladin named Edric. So we had to go through his introduction this week. I went with the old standard of having the party rescue him. I gave him some information that is useful to the players as well, just to make sure they had a reason to keep him around.

    As Miabe walked to the monastery with the others following behind, ...