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  1. Session 18

    by , 07-15-2009 at 03:25 PM (cplmac's campaign logs & blogs)
    Upon defeating the Hill Giant and his Rhinocerous Beetle pet, the party continues on. They are finding that they have taken most of the passeges and are now trying to find the places where there is a direction that they haven't went yet. Following along, they eventually come to a room that has 4 columns along each side of the room. As they moved in to investigate a little, they are surprised by an attack of what is similar to an octopus' arms, but they know that this isn't coming from an octopus. ...
  2. Valen Antel : the Pittbull

    Tucked away in the shadows, or rumored to be hidden in another time or dimension, lies the fantasical tavern known as THE PITTBULL.

    Run by an old dwarven warrior, named Ringo, the Pittbull offers heroes from all walks, a place to relax, let loose, and even find a little more adventure.

    The painting above, is one I did, long ago, to memorialize some of the best players, and characters that took part ...
  3. Why D&D minis suck!

    Random packaging. Common, Uncommon, and Rare. Face it, the D&D minis game is dead. Get over it, move on, stop the bullshit. Even if it weren't true, nobody, including the people who play the D&D minis game, wants a random pack of minis. Who wants the experience of spending 15.00 - 20.00 plus tax, and getting a bunch of minis that you already have. I don't know about you, but one Hobgoblin Warcaster is enough for me, I don't need 12 of them. How about those Galeb Dur? I think 4 would have ...
  4. Scarred Lands: The Next Step

    July 11, 2009
    Scarred Lands: The Next Step
    Third Hedraday of Charder, 150 AV

    Now that the group had discovered itís next steps thanks to the mysterious way things appear in the book as they show it to people, they now had a decision to make. The book had mentioned the Old Sage, who they were told lived in the Fouled Forest, as well as the City of the Dead which was interpreted as the city of Hollowfaust, and the City of Fallen Fangs which they were able to identify ...

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  5. Valen Antel (World Map)

    The World of Valen Antel is an aincient world, currently set in the 24th Year of Emperor Kalenor.

    Populated mostly by Humans, there are small pockets of other civiliasations and small kingdoms scattered throughout.

    Valen Antel's known land is 1000 leagues from East to West. It is mostly temperate, wooded and plains. Through its center spreads 'the Great Waste' A land inhospitable to all but the most sturdy ...

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