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  1. Scarred Lands: The Next Step

    July 11, 2009
    Scarred Lands: The Next Step
    Third Hedraday of Charder, 150 AV

    Now that the group had discovered itís next steps thanks to the mysterious way things appear in the book as they show it to people, they now had a decision to make. The book had mentioned the Old Sage, who they were told lived in the Fouled Forest, as well as the City of the Dead which was interpreted as the city of Hollowfaust, and the City of Fallen Fangs which they were able to identify ...

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  2. Valen Antel (World Map)

    The World of Valen Antel is an aincient world, currently set in the 24th Year of Emperor Kalenor.

    Populated mostly by Humans, there are small pockets of other civiliasations and small kingdoms scattered throughout.

    Valen Antel's known land is 1000 leagues from East to West. It is mostly temperate, wooded and plains. Through its center spreads 'the Great Waste' A land inhospitable to all but the most sturdy ...

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  3. first online chat game

    Last night I ran my first online chat game. I was curious about the feel vs face to faces games that I have been running for many years. I found that it was more tiring than running a f2f game. Speech is so much easier than typing constantly. I also found that it seems easier for the players to lose track of whats going on with all the text flying about. I think the dice roller isn't truly random, watching other people roll and within the game the extremes seem to crop up more often.
  4. Images for Maptool

    In my list Step #2 for preparing for a game in MapTool is "Add images to your Resource Library". Thats what I'll be going on about here.

    The first thing you'll need are some images to start with. If you're good at drawing you can do that to get them going, if not you'll want to spend some quality time Google to find some stuff that will work. Personally I like to start with digital pictures of tabletop miniatures. Wizards provides a handy gallery of their miniatures which ...
  5. Stepping into the sandbox: Claimants War

    Last time we left off I said I would talk about the Claiments War, aka the Esurdian Civil War. To do that I need to explain two factors about the war.

    The first being that it started between My 2nd Ed. run fo the Campaign and ended during the 3.5 run of the Campaign. This was due to the fact I wanted to make sure the world grew and that I alays kept an eye to help the world live and breath.

    The second factor was the Du Roi program the Crown sponsored. Du Rois were orphans ...
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