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  1. D3 Games to Release it's Own Line of Miniatures

    Yes, it's true. See the announcement here

    Updated 09-29-2009 at 09:19 PM by JasonYarnell

  2. Wrapping up the Claimants War

    So as I said last time this blog entry will be about how I wrapped up the story arc of the Claimants War. Now remember that I used this story line to transition from 2nd to 3.5, kind of what are the old characters up to know sort of thing.

    What I did was had the current group of players run little side missions and do what adventurers do best, cause havoc where ever they go. From deliver missions, to strategic personnel strikes, to one of my favorites shoot the general of their side ...

    Updated 03-14-2010 at 05:31 PM by deathboy

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  3. The Brooding City Ch 7 Temple of the Hungry Eye Prt 2

    The story opens with Garrit trailing Ikam Vass, since his escape. He make sit to a decrepit boarding house and enters, only to find the carnage of man on a candle lit table with his brain eaten out. Garrit finds a note with Ikam who is sorry to have missed him. The note's postscript indicates he had left overs in the pantry of the house. Garrit was relieved that the woman bounded in the pantry was still alive if not hysterical.

    After alerting the local watch, Garrit deduced Ikam should ...
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  4. Watching a new player evolve

    Well, last weekend, we had the last of a small group of players in the main camapign. Erin's a new player, playing a magus, and had a lot of notions about her character, justice, faith and magic that were sort of dashed over the last few sessions. However, she's getting a sense of worth and where her character fits in, of the type of play (she was warned; politics, social issues, etc.) and how to best work angles, and that the adventurers live in between the black and white world she comes from. ...
  5. Campaign Rules

    For any games I'm hosting these are the rules and limitations I'll be subjecting the players too. Not that I intend to have many of these, but I figure I should list my house rules instead of making them up on the spot.

    1. First Aid can be used to allow an ally to spend a Healing Surge. This can be done on yourself or an adjacent ally, requires a standard action, and a DC 10 Heal check. However, the target does not gain the health until the beginning of their next turn. If

    Updated 08-14-2009 at 03:05 PM by Q-man