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  1. Pathfinder Society in South East Missouri

    Every other Monday we play Pathfinder Society. Tonight (May 19th) is "Race to Seeker's Folly." The next session will be June 2nd. In fact there's going to be three sessions in June. The 2nd, the 16th and the 30th. We start at 6:00 pm at Geek's Game Galaxy 2016 North Westwood Blvd Suite 3 Poplar Bluff MO 63901. Come on down and have some fun.
  2. Temporary PPG Alternate Chat (IRC)

    I have set up an IRC chatroom hosted on PPG member Lazarus' site, as an alternate with easy to follow instructions - everything is on this page:
  3. How weird it is that this needs to be said. Since most PnP gamers have this as basic common sense.

    Quote Originally Posted by Carodwen View Post
    You have created a thought for a game you want. You have finally found a DM willing to create and run this story you have been wanting. Found a couple players. and it is finally time to game! One player complete no shows without any kinda respect or notification another player puts a half arse effort and is consistently late, to their own game none the less etc ect ect

    Pen and Paper gaming is a very old way of playing games and socializing with friends. Or even making new friends. It
  4. Rocket Man 5 - Chapter 7: Crossing Jordan / Family Ties

    Chapter 7: Crossing Jordan / Family Ties

    Anne Catherine Jordan was born in Hampton, Virginia in 1959. There was nothing special or unusual about her the first eight years of her life. She had two loving parents, a little brother named Jeff and a scruffy dog named Scratch. The biggest mystery she had ever pondered was what breed of dog Scratch might be. In her daily life young Annie never felt much fear or insecurity about anything. That all changed the day Mr. Heckburg ...

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  5. Rocket Man 5 - Chapter 6: Under Construction

    Chapter 6: Under Construction

    The day, had finally arrived. This would be the best day of Terry's life. Or, for that matter, the life of anyone Terry could imagine. The many large machines built in the lower levels of the RMF complex had churned and hummed for weeks. For fourteen weeks the machines assembled, molecule by molecule, the outer plates that would complete the RM5 v1.0 armor set. Testing of the plates then took another two weeks of assaulting them with punishment ...

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