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  1. Gaming today.

    Why do all these "new" renditions of classic games go so far from what I'm used to? Why does every company try to appeal to the mmo genrea as much as possible. I know those games are the 'whats hot' right now, but I play mmos for an expansive community, and tabletops because I actually like interpersonal actions. there is no way to convey across a monitor the sneer on your paladin's face when you say troll, or the subtle look of delight when the Solo finda a new piece of cyberwear. Emotes ...
  2. Writing Macros

    So you're playing a game in MapTool and constantly typing [1d20 + 4 + 3 + 2 + 3] when you need to make an attack. Its really annoying and it would be nice if the program would remember the roll and all of your bonuses for you, and maybe did the mass at the click of a button to save wear on your finger tips. Thats exactly where the macros come in, so lets start figuring out how to make those work for you.

    It seems to me that the most useful macros are bound to the characters, so thats ...

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  3. A Summary of the Ages

    The World is a wonderful place. Civilizations come and go; disasters strike, and the earth grows anew. Of the ages of people, there have been three. The first is largely unknown, the second lies mostly in legend, and the third is where they find themselves presently.

    The first age was the time of the ancients. They ruled a glorious kingdom and enjoyed all the fruit of the earth. It is said that the ancients ruled over magic and monsters, that they were divine. These demigods gave ...
  4. On My Way to GenCon

    The day has finally come and I am on my way to GenCon. I'm on the plane even as I write this as this as a matter of fact, and if you should notice any glaring typos, I blame it on the fact that I am writing this blog on my ipod. It turns out there are some disadvantages to having a 17 inch widescreen laptop. Particularly when the guy in front of you reclines his seat, suddenly and unexpectedly pressing your laptop into your unfortunately ample belly... Nonetheless, I wanted to remind you all that ...
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  5. Eberron Campaign:A good investment.

    From the Journals of Francis Ulysses Calvin Kyle IV:
    Page #7
    998-999 YK
    Eldeen Reaches, on the road to Passage

    Kahless purchased a small winged horse and I thought it would be a good investment as well. After all an egg is worth 2,000gp and a youth is worth 3,000; I figure I can hatch the foal and make a 1,000gp profit.
    After we made our purchases, and said our farewells, we set off on the road to Passage. Passage, which as you very well know is in nearby Aundair. ...