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  1. successful campaigns and styles of dming

    The other night we had a spirited discussion on the chat room about styles of dming and successful campaigns.

    The first will be about successful campaigns. I believe that we can all agree that everybody should be having fun but is there more beyond that? One of the guys said although everybody died they were having fun. I wondered since the group all died the objective of the campaign was not met. To me a campaign that is successful is one where everybody has fun and a goal is met. ...
  2. What has happened to us?

    Dungeons & Dragons, the game of fantasy roleplay. This game is supposed to live for ever, but with the release of the fourth edition of this great game, the D&D community has been seperated. As if a fence has been placed between us. The seperation is between those who like the classics (3.5 and back) and those who like fourth edition.
    The classics are, well, classic. Forever in the hall of fame. Those who favor the classics are generally those who have been with the hobby longest. ...
  3. Society of the Upper Room Session 7 The Rescue

    Tuan knows that he had better chance for fame, fortune and adventure with his former group and decides to pursue them to the destination on the map (see The Note). As Tuan exitís the forest onto the Kings Road towards Valmorgen he spies a fellow traveler. Knowing that there is safety in numbers Tuan recruits the half-elven cleric of Avandra, Ecthor. Ecthor trusts that luck and Avandra favor the bold and has chosen to make a name for himself vanquishing Valmorgen of the evil humanoids that heís heard ...
  4. Gaming today.

    Why do all these "new" renditions of classic games go so far from what I'm used to? Why does every company try to appeal to the mmo genrea as much as possible. I know those games are the 'whats hot' right now, but I play mmos for an expansive community, and tabletops because I actually like interpersonal actions. there is no way to convey across a monitor the sneer on your paladin's face when you say troll, or the subtle look of delight when the Solo finda a new piece of cyberwear. Emotes ...
  5. Writing Macros

    So you're playing a game in MapTool and constantly typing [1d20 + 4 + 3 + 2 + 3] when you need to make an attack. Its really annoying and it would be nice if the program would remember the roll and all of your bonuses for you, and maybe did the mass at the click of a button to save wear on your finger tips. Thats exactly where the macros come in, so lets start figuring out how to make those work for you.

    It seems to me that the most useful macros are bound to the characters, so thats ...

    Updated 08-14-2009 at 11:47 AM by Q-man