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  1. void of gameing in berkshire county

    the area i live iin royaly sucks for any type of gameing . we only have one hobby store
    but the store dose not do much of stuff( only relese torments for magic ,somtimes magic draft ,i think somtimes warhammer but i not sure) i use to have to have an car until it disided to die and i use to go to northhapton/amerst area ,and that had heavy gaming communty .so my goal
    to make an half decent gaming communty in
    berkshire county!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Campaign Notes: Prelude to a Fire

    Savage World of Solomon Kane

    Campaign: Prelude to a Fire

    • For 3-5 players
    • 9-12 sessions, divided into 3 parts, 3-4 hrs./session
    • 30-35 minutes to generate characters
    Setting: Alt-Historic, European Age of Discovery, Pre-Revolutionary Colonial Americas

    Themes: Swashbuckling Adventure; Gothic Occult Horror; Alchemy; Secret Societies; Righteous Fury

    Literary Influences: Robert E. Howard’s Solomon Kane short stories; Neal Stephenson’s ...

    Updated 08-17-2009 at 05:00 AM by Tamburlain

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  3. Campaign Notes: The Gates of Eden

    Deadlands Reloaded

    Campaign: The Gates of Eden

    • For 3-5 players
    • 3-4 sessions for Part 1, and open-ended thereafter for Part 2, 3-4 hrs./session
    • 30-35 minutes to generate characters

    Setting: Alt-Historic, Civil-War Era, Wild West

    Themes: Hex-Slinging Adventure; Santaria; Legend, Myth, Bible and Ghosts

    Literary Influences: Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes; Jonathan Edwards’ Sinners in the Hands of an Angry

    Updated 08-17-2009 at 05:02 AM by Tamburlain

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  4. successful campaigns and styles of dming

    The other night we had a spirited discussion on the chat room about styles of dming and successful campaigns.

    The first will be about successful campaigns. I believe that we can all agree that everybody should be having fun but is there more beyond that? One of the guys said although everybody died they were having fun. I wondered since the group all died the objective of the campaign was not met. To me a campaign that is successful is one where everybody has fun and a goal is met. ...
  5. What has happened to us?

    Dungeons & Dragons, the game of fantasy roleplay. This game is supposed to live for ever, but with the release of the fourth edition of this great game, the D&D community has been seperated. As if a fence has been placed between us. The seperation is between those who like the classics (3.5 and back) and those who like fourth edition.
    The classics are, well, classic. Forever in the hall of fame. Those who favor the classics are generally those who have been with the hobby longest. ...