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  1. From the Journal of Halder Dernam...

    I was tricked.

    Madriel appeared before me awash in brilliant white light, her hair the color of the sun. She looked just like she did the first time she appeared before me, when she saved me from a wretched existence in the slave pits of Calastia. She led me out, and then, led me to her. She gave my life purpose and I couldnít have been happier or more devoted to herÖor could I?

    When Madriel asked me to seal our pact with blood it was the easiest thing I ever had to

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  2. Scarred Lands: The Stricken Forest Kidnapping

    July 18, 2009
    Scarred Lands: Stricken Forest Kidnapping
    First Wildday of Madrer, 150 AV

    The group had just reached the edge of the seemingly blighted Stricken Forest. In the fading light of the day they peered into the woods and noted the lack of underbrush and the profound silence that suffused the area. Dead trees jutted from the ground like the fingers of a corpse struggling to escape from the earth.

    Rather than enter such a horrid place during

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  3. Things change

    I gave up on the T&T idea. Yes people play it but they are few and far between. This is not a bad thing; I really did it to see if I could create a new group and gave it time to see if it would develop.

    So, on to new things. Iím going back to D&D, this time 4.0. I have spent many years playing 3.5 and need something simpler to play and enjoy. I find 4.0 is easy to create for, yes, itís a far cry from original D&D but the game itself is still there.

    Wish me ...
  4. Game Mechanics: The Hit system

    I started experimenting with a system in 3.5 which simulates the minions in 4e and adds a bit of simplicity to the combats.

    I like to have more monsters in battle--it gives a more realistic situation. The problem with CR and with 3.5 is that in order to meet the EL, multiple monsters will need to be a lower CR and they don't provide a danger to the PC's. They need 20's to hit PC's maximized in AC. In turn, the PC have to deal with low level creatures that pose no threat and are just ...
  5. Writing Macros, part 2

    We've got some basic dice roll macros, and they even look nice with the HTML surrounding them. Its not much fun editing them every time that your bonuses change; each new weapon, level, or whatever means you need to edit every single one of your macros to tweak the bonuses. There's a better way of dealing with that, which is what I'll be going on about here.

    Lets start with a quick discussion of variables. MapTool macros allow you to save values in variables then reuse them later. ...