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  1. Campaign Notes: Little Lamb, Who Made Thee?


    Campaign: Little Lamb, Who Made Thee?

    • For 3-4 Players
    • 12-16 sessions, divided into 3 parts, 3-4 hrs/session
    • 1 hour for character creation

    Setting: Alt-Historic, Britain during the reign of HM Queen Victoria, London and Whitecastle, Golden Age Steampunk

    Themes: Gothic Occult Horror; Mystery; Spiritualism; Hermeticism; Secret Societies; The Eternal Balance

    Literary Influences: Joyce Carol Oates' The Winterthurn Mysteries; ...

    Updated 08-17-2009 at 11:17 PM by Tamburlain

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  2. The First Mission (Evansville May 2009 from what I recall)

    (I came onto the game mid-session, so this begins the morning before the party entered the cave)

    I was a half-elf cleric waling in the woods when I found a party of unusual circumstances. There was a half-orc fighter, a human ranger who carried a hippogiff egg, a thieving dwarf, and an elven wizard. They told me of a spice shipment that was hijacked by goblins, and they were heading to a cave. Knowing that they needed all the help they could get, they asked me to join them, and I agreed. ...
  3. The Path to Pathfinder

    Our DM, who runs a Savage Tide game has decided he needed to change the game. The power creep of the cleric and Wizard (at 11th level it becomes quite obvious of that) have overwhelm his fun in the game and he gave several ultimatums on how to fix that.
    One was to go to pathfinder and keep the current campaign. The wizard and Cleric are skeptical to Pathfinder but they decided to read it and see if it would suffice. I began the process of redesigning my elf ranger/scout to fit the new rule ...
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  4. R.I.P. Michael LeRoy Berger

    My father passed away last week after a long battle with early onset dementia. Hardest three days of my life so far. Life is returning to normal.

    My dad was a model person. Not in that he was perfect, he was flawed like the rest of us. But he was a real person, a well rounded person. Many of these flaws as a husband or father made him a good friend. In many things, i learned from him - both good and bad. Its easy to admire those who stubbornly weather the storm in the face ...

    Updated 08-18-2009 at 10:15 AM by templeorder (added)

  5. void of gameing in berkshire county

    the area i live iin royaly sucks for any type of gameing . we only have one hobby store
    but the store dose not do much of stuff( only relese torments for magic ,somtimes magic draft ,i think somtimes warhammer but i not sure) i use to have to have an car until it disided to die and i use to go to northhapton/amerst area ,and that had heavy gaming communty .so my goal
    to make an half decent gaming communty in
    berkshire county!!!!!!!!!!!!