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  1. Rocket Man 5 - Chapter 6: Under Construction

    Chapter 6: Under Construction

    The day, had finally arrived. This would be the best day of Terry's life. Or, for that matter, the life of anyone Terry could imagine. The many large machines built in the lower levels of the RMF complex had churned and hummed for weeks. For fourteen weeks the machines assembled, molecule by molecule, the outer plates that would complete the RM5 v1.0 armor set. Testing of the plates then took another two weeks of assaulting them with punishment ...

    Updated 10-08-2015 at 03:33 PM by Zavaraxis

  2. Rocket Man 5 - Chapter 5: Galatea

    Chapter 5: Galatea

    The arguments had continued for the last two hours or so, some advocating Terry's immediate removal to an escape proof holding facility, preferably under Cheyenne Mountain. Others seemed to think that he deserved a chance to prove himself by his own actions. Hank Von Werner was not convinced of either course of action, but he had uncovered some interesting information. He typed on the portable keyboard that he carried with him at all times while in the ...

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  3. Rocket Man 5 - Chapter 4: The Downward Spiral

    Chapter 4: The Downward Spiral

    Terry sat alone in a conference room looking out the glass window at the growing crowd of people. He had been left here by Herbie, who had worn a carefully neutral expression. Everyone in in the facility seemed to know something He didn't. The window looked out into the main control room of the RMF headquarters, which looked just about exactly how he had pictured it as a kid. An enormous screen dominated the far wall with rows of people at ...

    Updated 10-08-2015 at 03:19 PM by Zavaraxis

  4. Rocket Man 5 - Chapter 3: Crash Plain

    Chapter 3: Crash Plain

    The strange black mask they had given him had no holes for eyes, nose, or mouth but, it was transparent nonetheless. At least from the inside. Terry stared harder into the mirror trying to see through the black mask. He had been promised that the mask was proof against all forms of technological or mystic attempts to view the wearer. It certainly seemed that the RMF had enough brainy people on hand to invent stuff like this but it seemed just a little ...

    Updated 10-08-2015 at 03:18 PM by Zavaraxis

  5. Rocket Man 5 - Chapter 2: In the Hallowed Halls

    Chapter 2: In the Hallowed Halls

    Julie Had spent little time in this part of the Champions Club Complex. The Museum of Superheroes was one of Chicago's Most visited tourist attractions. Within it's cavernous confines could be found displays of the memorabilia of seventy-five years of America's greatest Superheroes. Some exhibits had the actual costumes and accessories used by the masked men and women now legends in books and movies. She had agreed to bring Terry here first ...

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