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  1. The Death of RPG (not really, but a good commentary to read)

    This is an excellent analysis and commentary for game designers and players alike. Its nothing new per se, but its a lot of information brought together to form a good perspective - its worth reading. Its good news for some of us - like myself - who run tiny games with small audience. My approach all along was free core rules, and no publishing costs. Lack of artwork sucks, but its not that impacting.

  2. Deities Wanted -- Apply Within

    I am starting a new Pathfinder world, and am opening it up for ideas for deities. If you wish to contribute any deity ideas, comment on this post.

    This world is a ringworld, which makes it kind of unusual. The inhabitants experience 180 hours of day, followed by 180 hours of night. There are no seasons, although in many places it gets hot during the day and cold during the night, and different lands have different climates. There are millions of deities in this world, and none ...
  3. Eberron Campaign: Loot!

    From the Journals of Francis Ulysses Calvin Kyle IV:
    Page #9
    998-999 YK, 2nd Wir of Aryth – almost lunch time.
    Aundair, on the road to Passage

    After we brought down the deadly harpy archer we of course looted her for any treasure. What we found was an incredible:
    • A very good set of studded leather armour
    • An excellent bow that causes cold damage of some sort
    • Ten cold iron arrows
    • Ten silver arrows
    • Two magical arrows
    • Potion of curing
    • Potion of a
  4. Gen Con Blog 2009

    This was my first Gen Con. Though I've been hearing about Gen Con for as long as I've been gaming, over 18 years now, it's only this year that I've been able to go.

    I had a blast, met the owner/operator of Pen and Paper Games coincidentally, and wrote about it all on my catch-all blog:
  5. From the Journal of Halder Dernam...

    I was tricked.

    Madriel appeared before me awash in brilliant white light, her hair the color of the sun. She looked just like she did the first time she appeared before me, when she saved me from a wretched existence in the slave pits of Calastia. She led me out, and then, led me to her. She gave my life purpose and I couldn’t have been happier or more devoted to her…or could I?

    When Madriel asked me to seal our pact with blood it was the easiest thing I ever had to

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