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  1. What is going on...

    I just finished reading "The Children of Hurin" by Tolkien. What a depressing book. It is a tragedy of misery from the first word to the last.

    On a lighter note, I smoked a good cigar yesterday at Stogies.

    I had one of the Maduro wrapper house cigars. It had a nutty taste, with a medium draw. I was hanging out with a guy named Tony and we checked out his new 8G I-Phone. Wow those things have some sweet ...
  2. yay a blog!

    Ok, so I blog now!

    I like to smoke cigars. I like expensive puros and cheap machine-mad ones. I like 'em all. I especially like Arturo Fuentes 8-5-8!


    Also, I like GURPS. If you want to play GURPS in Miami, you should definitely contact me.

    I just moved to Miami. It is hot and sticky. I kinda like it. I lived in Michigan for years. I am sick of winter (cya)!

    I am huge fan of the PC version of SWBF2 and have been ...
  3. Gaming this Weekend

    I'm working on putting together a quick hack and slash dungeon crawl for this weekend. I'm figguring a 2-3 hour quest to find an artifact that will counter a magic poisen swallowed by the local Duke.

    DnD 3.5 solo adventure with my wife. Will Tordek the Mighty Dwarf survive Prince Toring's Dungeon of Dispair?

    She's got a better than even shot.
  4. A D20 posting and a harken back to Nethack (comment on player expectations)

    I've just read this and a lot of memories came back:

    I have to say, there's a few forum threads that take a run at this issue from a few angles, so i wont re-hash those, but you may want to check out this post and comment on it. A friend of mine sent me his comment, and i have to agree with him -

    "The most interesting point is only passingly mentioned, that being the gamer culture or expectations ...
  5. Using Arrays in macros

    As your creating your macros you probably have created a pretty hefty list of properties for each of your tokens. You might even have dozens of extra variables floating around in the macros as well. You may want to group some of those variables or properties together since they are all common values.

    If you look at the D&D rules you'll find that all characters have 6 ability scores. You could create 6 variables to hold them, or you could put them all in an array. It really comes ...

    Updated 09-03-2009 at 02:55 PM by Q-man