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  1. Dwarves read my mind

    I must have annoyed my DM one too many times about flintlock guns-or a gun that shoots fireballs, which when you think about it makes sense-cuz he gave me a taste of what I wanted-ie something other than Middle Age tech- an ironclad, steam powered, and equipped with cannons!

    Sadly, the dwarves are not known for their generosity of sharing technology, so it's unlikely my group will be getting one for our land, which borders the sea, any time soon.
  2. Old Games

    The last couple of weeks, I have been looking for old games that I had fun with in the past. I have been looking for Boothill, Stormbringer, Gamma World, Metamorphis Alpha and Justice Inc. I have run these games in the past as either one shots or mini campaigns. My memories of them are fond.

    I am aware that many of them are still around, Stormbringer is now Elric, Gamma World is under a new label, Justice Inc is now Pulp Hero and am unsure if there is a replacement for boothill. ...
  3. Scarred Lands: Over the Gascars

    August 8, 2009
    Scarred Lands: Over the Gascars
    Second Madriday of Madrer, 150 AV

    After spending a night in the cave previously owned by the renegade wizards, the group (minus Lavidia) awoke and had one big problem to deal with: where to go from here.

    While the Karel attempted to come to grips with the loss of his companion, the elder members of the group discussed where they were going to go from here. There was talk about going north, to ...

    Updated 09-14-2009 at 12:10 AM by RMajere (Got the dates wrong...)

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  4. Conditionals and loops in macros

    Sometimes you'll need a macro to react to whats going on or to repeat some steps multiple times. You can't always get everything right without the macro making a few decisions along the way. So lets include if statements and a couple of loops to cover those situations.

    Lets start with a simple If statement. For those not down with the programmer lingo what we're telling the macro to do is check some condition, if its true do these lines, if the condition isn't true skip them. The ...
  5. Pen and Paper Games Experience

    Before writing this blog, I have 327 P&PG xps. I am going to check my xps after I post the blog, then come back and edit it to see how many points I get for making a blog.

    ***Edit #1***

    OK after posting, I have 345 points. So that is 18 points for posting a blog.

    Now I will go post on a thread and see what my total goes up to.

    ***Edit #2***

    I just made a post on the thread at... ...

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