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  1. Game Mechanics: The Hit system

    I started experimenting with a system in 3.5 which simulates the minions in 4e and adds a bit of simplicity to the combats.

    I like to have more monsters in battle--it gives a more realistic situation. The problem with CR and with 3.5 is that in order to meet the EL, multiple monsters will need to be a lower CR and they don't provide a danger to the PC's. They need 20's to hit PC's maximized in AC. In turn, the PC have to deal with low level creatures that pose no threat and are just ...
  2. Writing Macros, part 2

    We've got some basic dice roll macros, and they even look nice with the HTML surrounding them. Its not much fun editing them every time that your bonuses change; each new weapon, level, or whatever means you need to edit every single one of your macros to tweak the bonuses. There's a better way of dealing with that, which is what I'll be going on about here.

    Lets start with a quick discussion of variables. MapTool macros allow you to save values in variables then reuse them later. ...
  3. My first log post.

    I think blog is a stupid word. It came from someone who was either very stupid or thought they were very clever about seperating "weblog" into the two word "we" and "blog". I mean really.

    I'm posting this mostly to see if it garners forum experience points or something. Maybe in the future, after I've played some more games, I might have experiences or inspiring insight to share.
  4. Solomon Kane

    Ok, so i saw the bootleg preview of this and am excited but unsure at the same time. I am a huge REH fan, and Kane is one of the interesting and underdeveloped characters of Howard's collection. Unfortunately he is a flat character when we find him in Howards tales - his past is dynamic, but the current character is pretty static. So, the tale has to really carry it. (scroll down for interview)

    Bootleg trailer: ...
  5. Eberron Campaign: Whispering Wind

    From the Journals of Francis Ulysses Calvin Kyle IV:
    Page #8
    998-999 YK, 2nd Zol of Aryth
    Aundair, on the road to Passage

    About midmorning the wind picked up and sent a chill down the back of our necks. It was a little early for a snow storm but one glance at the sky informed us we indeed were about to endure a snowstorm. Our ranger hastily constructed a shelter and a large fire but the storm was still felt by everyone except the warforged. Gathering firewood our ...

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