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  1. Stormbringer?

    Ahhh yes, what a lovely system of death. Loose, fast, light on rules, heavy on world and literary references... and a what a time we had!!!

    We built out our own world, find it here:

    And now, just for fun, our old GM is thinking of running a few adventures again. Me, as a player, have the record for the most number of characters that "retired". this means 6+ adventures and lived and were taken out of ...
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  2. Growing more sane?

    Today and yesterday were pretty cool.

    I added my Nearby Gamers and Meet Up groups to my signature. It is nice to be able to manipulate my environment a little bit. I did not get to smoke a cigar today though.

    I downloaded the maptools from wow that is a serious bit of gaming software. I hope I can find the time to get to know it very well.

    Crud, I have to run. Oh well, more later.
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  3. Pathfinder Rules Playing Savage Tide

    Well, we had a session of Savage Tide converted to Pathfinder. We were all 11/12th level PC's with new class combos, magic items and different outlook on life.

    Maybe it was the encounters, bad roles, the lack of one players Cleric, another player still making his PC, and a new player who never played a druid (and D&D) before but we got our arses handed to us.

    We were in that crazy flesh city looking for the Lords of Dread and those pearls. We descended into a flesh ...
  4. Eberron Campaign: Cast of Characters

    Francis Ulyssis Calvin Kyle IV - gnome - artificer and ranger
    = 9th level
    Reverand H. Solo - human - cleric
    = 9th level
    ? - halfbreed - rogue and ranger
    = 8th level
    Kahless - elf - swordsage, wizard, and now a Jade Phoenix Mage
    = 9th level
    Lutair Hawksung - human - bard
    = 10th level
    Salamanthar - fire elf - wizard
    = 6th level
    ___________ - warforged - swordsage
    = 14th level

    Black ...

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  5. Darkness Looming - New Campaign

    So, the Ancient Blood group did not show. This is the second time the core players did not. So, there were four of us, and Larry decided to continue the story we ran as a one shot last time this happened, now we've got a new campaign called Darkness Looming - one i am playing in and not running - HURRAY!!!!

    I play Paul Dorn, Novice of the Order of the Stone Hand, Follower of Ezrilus - goddess of magic (amongst other aspects). Last time one of my order delivered an idol to House Narcosa ...