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  1. Ballad of Too Much Free Time

    Our session was cancelled due to real life last Saturday, so I'm posting the ballad I wrote of our exploits of two sessions ago:

    The Ballad of Svrikir

    Their once was a king of Lizardfolk,
    Who were green in scale not black.
    Who overthrew their king Svrikir,
    And stabbed him in the back.

    He wandered the swamps in need of aide,
    And found adventurers not seeking to be paid.
    Tennebrus Liadon, the Elvin Paladin was first to ...
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  2. My HackMaster Basic "Review"

    Disclaimer - Keep in mind that I haven't yet played the game, only read the rulebook. What follows is written with the assumption that the reader has more than passing knowledge of HackMaster 4th edition, enjoys 4th edition, and realizes that 4th edition was a serious game with parody elements, not a parody game with serious elements. There are plenty of venues out there where one can find clear, detailed reviews that cover the book chapter by chapter from cover to cover. You won't find that here. ...
  3. A quick recap

    So I have to move. Again. Just got to South Miami (Kendall area) and now I am moving up to Little Havana. Gonna be right at NW 23rd Ave and NW 14th St.

    I am going to be offline for a few days while we get unpacked. If I get a chance, I'll check the new posts and my user CP quickly tomorrow night.

    The Miami Gaming Authority is still looking for members, so if you see anyone new, please send them our way.

    I did not get to fire up a stogie today and ...

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  4. Arabian Nights

    Not sure what more to say. Its a board game, i'm not really into those... but i need a break from serious campaigning.

    I don't know what to expect, i vaguely remember this game from a long time ago, and my friend tells me its been seriously upgraded. I'm actually really looking forward to it. Its something different too. Don't anyone give me any spoilers, but if anyone has like some single tidbit of perspective on how to maximize my fun in this game, i would appreciate it. Last time ...
  5. Today, there is only today.

    I went to see the local matinee of District 9. It was a pretty fun movie. WETA was in full effect for this one. The giant spaceship over Johannesburg was very convincing. The story had characters that were somewhat thin, but convincing enough to keep you interested until the mech joined the fight.

    There were a couple of great scenes, not the least of which was a desperate chase scene that you didn't know how it was going to end.

    Other than the movie, I read over ...