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  1. Scarred Lands: Fangsfall

    August 29, 2009
    Scarred Lands: Fangsfall
    First Corday of Enker, 150 AV

    A new month dawned as the group looked out over the newest landscape that they found themselves in. Rolling hills spread in every direction covered with various forms of scrub brush and tall grasses. Looking to the east, as the sun glimmered through the haze, they saw in the distance a huge swamp nestled in a valley and spreading for as far as the eye could see to the east, drawing on their ...

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  2. Scarred Lands: The Old Sage

    August 16, 2009
    Scarred Lands: The Old Sage
    Denday of Madrer, 150 AV

    After recouping from their travels over the perilous Gascar Peaks, the group had finally made itís way to the Fouled Forest, in order that the Old Sage might actually be able to give them answers to questions that had been plaguing them since they first met in Mithril, months ago.

    As dawn broke, and so did their camp, they moved into the forest. Their senses on alert for ...

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  3. Ghost of a Chance, Part 1

    So we're back again, after a short jaunt through the first level of Keep on the Shadowfell's dungeon. We have a new site up at Obsidian Portal here. You can see the previous adventure logs there as well and some more details about the world that will get filled in as I have time and as more is uncovered.

    Ominous Whispers and Fractured Sapphire's players didn't make it to this session. We focus on the plights of Nine Willows in Autumn (Willow for short), Gaias Valerius and Stalwart ...
  4. Southcoast Gamers, Massachusetts

    Welcome to all those out there in the gamer world. I'm looking to find out how many people out there from the anywhere between Fall River, MA and Cape Cod, MA are interested in either A. a Meet and Greet AND B. a weekly D&D4e OR Star Wars Saga Edition game.

    Until the next time I post, peace!

  5. Creating custom forms in MapTool

    Depending on how many macros you've made for you games in MapTool you're probably getting a pretty hefty list of properties for each token. This can make filling out those properties a little cumbersome since the way they are presented in the token properties isn't the easiest to work with. Also some of your macros might require several values to be entered, which is annoying since you get a new prompt for each one. A better solution might be for you to make your own forms where you could have ...