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  1. Scepter Tower of Spellgard [Part 7]

    Thus far the party had always taken the direct approach to things. Decisions were quick and typically involved using weapons. For fun I decided to guilt them a little bit about their rash actions by suggesting that the wererats might have been innocents they attacked and killed.

    By the module they are in a hack and slash section of the adventure, so really they were supposed to kill the wererats. That doesn't mean I can't mess with them, besides it turned into some fun role play.
  2. stories

    2. One night while stocking the grocery department, a guy came up to me and another worker Jason, he asked where the candy section was. Jason replied that it was in Aisle 6. The guy said "No it's not, I looked there already. Where did you move it?" Jason replied "We haven't moved the candy section in 6 years." And then proceeded to show the guy the 20ft section of candy that was in Aisle 6.
  3. stories

    So after so many years in retail, I've come aross lots of funny stories of people, places and things.

    Most of these stories take place while I was working at a supercenter in the midwest called Meijer.

    1. The rain check.

    So Meijer had on sale Charmin toilet paper and a great price. We had ran out of Charmin late in the day and were just waiting for the truck to show up with more. An older lady came up to a grocery worker and asked if we had any more Charmin ...
  4. Television: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Internet

    It's been about three months since the move, and three months without any sort of television service. And I can safely say I don't miss it one bit.

    (Well, maybe one bit; Dexter is rather good, and I'm not sure how we'll swing watching the new season without a Showtime subscription. Le sigh.)

    Turns out we didn't really pay for television service so we could watch it; we watched television because we paid for it. The shows we follow are on Hulu - barring Dexter, of course. ...
  5. In Which We Have A Busy Week...

    Wow, this has been an exciting week for me! Crazy busy (hey, this is becoming habit) so I'm going to touch lightly on what I can.

    Tinker's Damn (Steampunk Card Game)
    Monday, I sent off the prototype of Tinker's Damn for review by my first game company. This is thrilling, not just because the game is finally ready to show others, but because I wowed the owner/lead game designer enough with the inquiry letter to lead him to ask to see the prototype. I know that (like being published