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  1. Southcoast Gamers, Massachusetts

    Welcome to all those out there in the gamer world. I'm looking to find out how many people out there from the anywhere between Fall River, MA and Cape Cod, MA are interested in either A. a Meet and Greet AND B. a weekly D&D4e OR Star Wars Saga Edition game.

    Until the next time I post, peace!

  2. Creating custom forms in MapTool

    Depending on how many macros you've made for you games in MapTool you're probably getting a pretty hefty list of properties for each token. This can make filling out those properties a little cumbersome since the way they are presented in the token properties isn't the easiest to work with. Also some of your macros might require several values to be entered, which is annoying since you get a new prompt for each one. A better solution might be for you to make your own forms where you could have ...
  3. Finally back to roleplaying

    Yes I am finally back. After having the inlaws for a couple weeks. I am just now getting back into gaming. Although I am also getting started in some online college classes, geography and algerbra. I'm in the process of spinning up a GURPS Cyberpunk campaign while I simultaneously keeping the D&D game running. So thats that. As soon as I have the chance I will get a slightly better than tentative schedule posted.
  4. Ballad of Too Much Free Time

    Our session was cancelled due to real life last Saturday, so I'm posting the ballad I wrote of our exploits of two sessions ago:

    The Ballad of Svrikir

    Their once was a king of Lizardfolk,
    Who were green in scale not black.
    Who overthrew their king Svrikir,
    And stabbed him in the back.

    He wandered the swamps in need of aide,
    And found adventurers not seeking to be paid.
    Tennebrus Liadon, the Elvin Paladin was first to ...
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  5. My HackMaster Basic "Review"

    Disclaimer - Keep in mind that I haven't yet played the game, only read the rulebook. What follows is written with the assumption that the reader has more than passing knowledge of HackMaster 4th edition, enjoys 4th edition, and realizes that 4th edition was a serious game with parody elements, not a parody game with serious elements. There are plenty of venues out there where one can find clear, detailed reviews that cover the book chapter by chapter from cover to cover. You won't find that here. ...