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  1. number three

    While working at Meijer, after midnight the store locked the General merchandise side of the store so that any shoppers had to go through the grocery side doors. now when you walked through those doors the first thing you see is the produce and deli departments.

    One night while I was working over in the general merchandise side, a guy walk up to me and my co-worker and asked where the grocery department was. I told him it was on the other side of the store. After he left, my co-worker ...
  2. Eberron Campaign - What happens in Passage stays in Passage

    From the Journals of Francis Ulysses Calvin Kyle IV:
    Page #11
    998-999 YK, 2nd Zor of Aryth.
    City of
    Passage, in the nation of Aundair

    We woke up to a beautiful day in Passage. Sebastian, the major domo or head butler for the Warforged, ensured we broke our fast in style. We enjoyed a variety of cooked eggs cooked any style one could imagine.
    After the morning meal I began working Solo’s armour – again. So, far I have taken apart the two halfling’s full chain ...
  3. Society of the Upper Room Session 8, Sstharax

    Eastra (an Eladrin War Wizard) is commissioned by the High Septarch of Valmorgen to investigate a presence that has just began to touch his conscience. Although she thinks little of the Septarch, Eastra does not want to neglect a potential resource. So, along with four stout porters, Eastra heads toward the Cloakwood from whence the Sepatarch says the emanations originate. As she nears the forrest she notes a party of kobolds at the edge who appear to be scouting or searching for something. Taking ...
  4. Coming Back Home

    Well, first vacation in 2 years... and its all done. What did i do? Nothing!!! I tried to write, i tried to read, i tried to work on gaming stuff... not quite a goose egg, but next to zilch got done. Ocean Shores on Washington coast... i slept... a lot! I surfed the web... a bit. Drove to Westport, where me and my father who recently passed away used to go fishing out of when i was young. Lots of great memories... and salt water taffy!!! They used to make it right there on that strip, now its made ...
  5. Dark Waters Print Version

    Well, the print version of Dark Waters is now complete and the review copy is on its way to our office.

    Once I've reviewed it and passed it, I'll be able to open it up for sale. Looks like a week or so for that to happen.

    D3 Games