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  1. Hot Meal and A Warm Bed

    by , 09-18-2009 at 08:02 PM (Trinidad - The Story So Far)
    Morning is much more gracious than the night. You slept poorly, haunted by nightmares and figetyness resulting from sleeping on a soft bed as opposed to the hard earth.

    The room in which you and a few of your fellow slaves (perhaps former slaves, you hope) lay smells of wood. Though through the crude door below a small pig-iron cross, you catch the scent of something lovely—Breakfast!
    You met Cindy Rein, the widow, last night when the Walkers brought you here. ...
  2. Prologue

    by , 09-18-2009 at 08:01 PM (Trinidad - The Story So Far)

    Strung together at the wrists, you and the other slaves stand at the crest of a small hill. Mitch, the leader of the Slavers who are responsible for so much of your sorrows, argues with some other leader-type in a scrappy meadow below. There are only four of the original eight Slavers left, and the other group of (you assume) Slavers is much bigger. Maybe fifteen.
    The other leader looks pissed, probably because so few of you slaves survived the long journey across ...
  3. Moving is now Complete

    Hello all, We are officially moved in as of Saturday. Now begins the unpacking and other such nonsense. For now I am going to be catching up on emails and the various forums in between shuffling boxes and unpacking them.

    I was able to locate my new FLGS, called Game Parlor, so if any of you are near the Woodbridge area and want to meet up, let me know.
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  4. Dark Waters PDF is Now Available

    D3 Games is proud to announce the release of the first of five adventures located within the world of Kamarathin.

    The Dark Waters adventure is an introductory scenario designed as an entry to the world of Kamarathin and a way to familiarize the players and Game Master with some of the peculiarities that will be found therein.

    The adventure can be interspersed throughout the course of another campaign, or run as its own complete campaign. This particular campaign arc will ...
  5. D3 Enters the Post Apocalypse

    D3 Games would like to announce the addition of a new product line. D3 Games has acquired the license to publish titles based in the post apocalyptic world of Inceptum Terminus.

    Inceptum Terminus began as a collaborative effort to make an independent comic book, which never took off. The characters and world were originally designed for Champions Fourth Edition which made it easy to write as a world book. The world book project sat on the back burner until printing on demand and ...