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  1. Looking for help on a specific system mechanic concerning psionics

    until 5th edition D&D comes out with the official class and system i have allot of players that are on standby because every system out there concerning psionics just does not work on one level or another. The basics of the system comes from a darksun supplement called the will and the way and the players i do have (still looking for more) do not want to wait a year or more to play (MM has said as much ) so there is a foundation there but one player that was willing to play swore they were king ...
  2. Miniatures gaming going on!

    Hey! We're playing a growth league for Warhammer 40K, trying to get used to the new rules for 7th edition. We had a lot of fun last night. I got my butt kicked all over the place, but that happens to eldar at 500 points. Come on over to 1251 Sterling Drive in Poplar Bluff MO and join in the fun.
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  4. Beginning a One Ring RPG Campaign: Laketown Adventure/Esgaroth

    So following TOR's suggestion of having Esgaroth as a sanctuary to start, I decided to place an adventure in Lake Town itself. Lacking a introduction to the prominent merchants and noted individuals of Laketown, the fellowship is at its wits end trying to find decent work. An encounter with a street urchin pickpocket starts the adventure where the players are drawn into trying to save a group of orphaned children Called scale children. Very much based on "Dust Children" of vietnam, these ...
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  5. Voyage of the Novemberweed

    This is the first draft of a short story I wrote for a contest. Anybody who wants to comment on it is welcome to.

    Voyage of the Novemberweed

    Jupiter loomed beyond the helium tanks outside the window of the Novemberweed. The Kind of Planets was still eighty times more massive than the Earth, and it was still the most impressive thing in what was left of the Solar System.

    The Novemberweed was somehow going leave Jupiterís orbit today. A Venusian spy named ...
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