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  1. The Road to War: Session 3

    After the unfortunate bridge incident the PC's decide to push on despite the damage the trap inflicted.

    They enter the outer bailey of the ruined castle. Before them lies the ruins of an ancient town that once thrived within the castle walls. All that survives now though are a few ruined buildings, piles of rubble and the back half of the old church. The entire scene is covered by several inches of snow and the cold north wind drives snow into the faces of the PC's. Numerous sets of ...

    Updated 12-06-2009 at 12:26 AM by kirksmithicus

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  2. Review - Pathfinder Chronicles - Seeker of Secrets

    Review – Pathfinder Chronicles – Seeker of Secrets

    Well here I am, back again for another review of Pathfinder products. This time I have the pleasure of reviewing a smaller product. An issue of the Chronicle series called “Seeker of Secrets”. This issue deals with the Pathfinder Organization itself. The information in this book will give you a lengthy description as to its rank structure, rules & tenets, recruiting methods and its current status in all of the different ...
  3. Divergent Thinking: RPG in Elementary Education

    With the economy going the way it goes I too found myself laid off back in April from the print industry. The lay off and subsequential absence of jobs in my field forced me back to school and rethinking my career. Surprisingly, I found Early Childhood Education to be my interest and now have completed my first semester at Mission College in the field. I have enjoyed my classes so much that I plan on getting my Masters in the field in a few years.

    While ...

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  4. Tempting FATE: The Basics and Aspects

    As with writing a novel or doing academic research, the first thing to do when hacking FATE is look to see what work has been done before you. So, we go to the Series of Tubes for inspiration in reflavoring Spirit of the Century for use with Star Wars.

    Over at, there are two bits by the poster Kiero - one on tweaking FATE, and one on creating a Saga Edition inspired Star Wars hack. There are lots more over there (as well as over at the Evil Hat wiki), but I think these two will ...
  5. Tempting FATE

    Or: How to Hack Games for Fun and Profit (Minus the 'Profit')

    So I've been jonesing for a good Far-Far-Away galactic romp, since the release of the d20 Saga Edition. The series has fascinated me as far back as I can remember ('specially when a six-year-old me got to rent Return of the Jedi; it was a big frickin' deal to rent a movie, since we didn't own a VCR then). It's a huge slice of space, with a near-unlimited potential for awesome (read: interesting characters doing interesting ...

    Updated 11-29-2009 at 05:22 PM by Sascha