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  1. Feinting in 4e D&D

    I just noticed this today.

    excerpt from the D&D PHB

    Bluff vs. Insight
    Gain combat advantage: once per combat encounter, you try to gain combat advantage against an adjacent enemy by feinting. As a standard action, make a Bluff check opposed by the enemy's passive Insight Check. If you succeed, you gain combat advantage against the enemy until the end of you next turn.

    Give up an entire attack to get a lousy +2 bonus to hit? Not likely, especially ...
  2. The group 4

    A. She is a really cool person. Very down to earth. She is very tomboyish. She always wears clothes that are too big and just hang off of her frame. She is a good role player and can pull off male characters well. I would love to see her try a very girlie character though. She is smart and is usually the party leader. I like her a lot.

    And then their is M. He's the guy that invented the gaming system. Very smart, funny and the life of a party. He's always on the move, can't ...
    Female gamer
  3. 8.

    I love stories of thefts too.

    Thanksgiving time...

    A Grandma was caught at the Champaign IL Meijer store trying to steal a frozen turkey by putting it between her legs under her skirt.

    The ride home...

    One night we had a 17 year old male caught stealing condoms. As per store policy, the teenager had to be released to a parent or legal guardian. His Mom got the job of picking him up at the store.

    Deep do-do...
  4. Eberron Campaign: Letter to Chacal

    998-999 YK, 2nd Zor of Aryth.
    Yrlag, Shadow Marches
    Hail Prince Chacal,

    I understand you are a daelkyr half-blood who can get things done. As one prince to another I was hoping you might be interested joining my latest expedition into the Demons Wastes. I have discovered that there is a Daelkyr Lord creating a fortified citadel near the hamlet of Blood Crescent. An old friend of mine, Baruk, commands the outpost. His scouts have reported seeing beholders guarding underground ...

    Updated 11-09-2009 at 06:23 PM by cigamnogard

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  5. Eberron Campaign:For a few Wraiths More (Continued)

    From the Journals of Francis Ulysses Calvin Kyle IV:
    Page #14
    998-999 YK, 2nd Far of Aryth.
    Castle Keep near the city of Passage, in the nation of Aundair

    By the Five Nations!
    It was not my journal at all - it was my latest issue of Alchemy Quarterly!

    Updated 11-02-2009 at 12:06 AM by cigamnogard