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  1. English for RPGs - Index

    Well, it’s getting to the point where I’m wondering, “Have I done this one already?” So, I’m making a list of what has been done, where it is, and what still needs to be done.

    Link to Preamble.......Link to Part 01..........Link to Part 02..........Link to Part 03
    Link to Part 04..........Link to Part 05..........Link to Part 06..........Link to Part 07
    Link to Part 08..........Link to Part 09..........Link to Part 10..........Link to Part 11
    Link to Part 12.......... ...

    Updated 12-19-2009 at 09:35 AM by TAROT (Update to Part 14)

  2. English for RPGs – Part 12

    Another phrase that twigs me the wrong way is “one of the only.” (Also, “among the only.”) If the person or object is not a singular and is merely a rarity, then “one of the few” sounds much better to me.

    I saw the phrase “painted into a corner” used where “neatly categorized” would have fit the context. To paint someone into a corner is to trap them or limit their options. Hmm, now that I think about it, maybe “pigeonholed” was in an earlier draft.

    OF v. 'VE
  3. Short Review - Pathfinder - DM Screen

    Pathfinder Review - DM Screen

    Hello, Everyone. It's time for another review. This one will be very quick. It's the new DM screen from Paizo.

    It's generally pretty rare that I am ever surprised when I get a new accessory for my hobbies but this is one of those rare occassions where I am pleasantly surprised. This new DM screen is of the highest quality that I have ever seen and is easily superior to any screen that I have ever owned for any gaming system. ...
  4. Start-up 4e D&D game

    I'll be starting a 4e D&D game at Wizards on US1 in St. Augustine beginning the first thursday in January. I'll be available the thursday before the holidays to anyone who wants to join in to work on their characters.
  5. Tempting FATE: Stunts

    So, here we are at the last of the major elements to FATE, those little abilities that allow one to break some rules. Default Spirit of the Century has a long list of Stunts that, while neat, can be somewhat intimidating to wade through; for starters, we'll go with Spirit of the Blank's generic stunts (which are similar to the ones in Diaspora, a hard sci-fi FATE game).

    In keeping with the, erm, spirit (pardon) of the game, we'll keep Stunt rules simple and to the point. ...