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  1. The Stonehome Chasm

    I think the introduction of gunpowder weapons, airships, dungeon delving and wild west type frontier towns, has some kick-ass potential.

    The following is an amalgamation of various sources including The Scales of War adventure path, Forgotten Realms and Eberron. This is just the rough draft so far. The campaign I was running was already getting a bit stale, and I didn't really like the direction the SoW adventure path was heading, I'm not much on planer travel. So I'm hoping to recast ...

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  2. My first blog post

  3. Gaming

    So I'm glad I found P&P it certainly appears to be a very good gaming resource/forum. I dunno what took me so long to look for sites like this... I was sitting at home today thinking to myself "damn I'm bored I wanna try and get a PBEM going or something to have more inspiration for my world-building..." That's what finally got me looking.

    I have been looking on other random RPG sites and community sites since yesterday. So far I've got one person possibly interested? ...

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  4. Eberron Campaign: Cast of Characters

    Baronetess - warforged - swordsage
    = 14th level
    Black Tye - duergar - rogue, fighter, & paladin
    = 10th level
    Chacal - halfbreed - rogue and ranger
    = 10th level
    Lutair Hawksung - human - bard
    = 10th level
    Regar - dwarf - fighter
    = 7th level
    Ridarovin Trueblade - elf - swordsage, wizard, and now a Jade Phoenix Mage
    = 10th level
    Mount: Nidaram/Sstahn = pegasus
    Salamanthar - fire elf - wizard
    = 10th level ...

    Updated 12-11-2009 at 07:59 PM by cigamnogard

  5. Eberron Campaign: "Sanctuary"

    From the Journals of Francis Ulysses Calvin Kyle IV:
    Page #16
    998-999 YK, 2nd Far of Aryth.
    Road outside the city of Passage, in the nation of Aundair

    As we neared the city we saw a convoy moving to intercept us. We could make out a wagon and some riders. Black Tye identified the heraldry of a royal house; specifically that of Warlord Adal ir’Wynarn, Minister of Magic of Aundair.
    They hailed us and rode up to speak with Salamanthar. Why - Salamanthar? I have ...
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