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  1. Far Eastern Wonderland #3 - Adaptation: Letty Whiterock

    by , 04-22-2014 at 05:27 AM (The Dungeon Master's Journal of the Unquiet Lands)
    "Just a moment! I am the mastermind, but I'm normal," Letty Whiterock, Perfect Cherry Blossom

    Letty Whiterock is a spirit of cold weather, and may even be the incarnation of winter in Gensoukyou. During the height of that season, she is immensely powerful, but her strength and motivation wane at other times of the year. The weather effects she creates can indirectly kill normal humans, a fact that doesn't concern her much. The natural fear of winter storms keeps her well-nourished, ...

    Updated 06-03-2014 at 06:41 PM by Umiushi

  2. Far Eastern Wonderland #2 - Sample PC: Koniwa Kanna

    by , 04-21-2014 at 01:43 AM (The Dungeon Master's Journal of the Unquiet Lands)
    Kanna was one of my sample PCs for the two other Touhou-based rpgs that I've looked at, and her appearance, equipment, and nature are briefly described elsewhere in this blog. These are her stats for FEW.

    Koniwa Kanna

    Eager New Storm Cloud
    Class: Primal Striker
    Race: Weather Apparition
    Size: Medium

    Primary Attributes
    Agility +2, Aim +2, Charisma +4, Cunning +1, Learning +0, Perseverance +0

    Acrobatics +7, Agriculture ...
  3. Why not Visit PPG Chat? New or Old - All are Welcome!

    Hi there, neighbor, I'm jpatterson (JP for short), a user and chat moderator here on Pen & Paper Games. First off, welcome to the PPG site and forums if you haven't been welcomed! Feel free to post and ask questions, start topics, look for games, make posts looking for games or players or just chat in the Introductions and Offtopic forum categories.

    I'd also like to take a moment to turn your attention to PPG's local site chatroom, its activity displayed in real-time at ...
  4. Blackhawk Down

    Tuesday, April 1, 2014

    (After playing Steve Walkup’s D20 Modern Walking Dead scenario “Blackhawk Down” on Friday, March 28, at CaesarCon 2014 with Chris Sparks, Xavier Sparks, and Matt Adams.)

    From the Journal of Francis “Frank” Strazynski (also called “Sarge”)

    It was about a month after the world fell into chaos and the dead had risen up and were walking, their sole purpose to attack and devour all living things. We were survivors hoping to make it to ...
  5. Journal entries for PBEM Zombie rpg

    I will be summarizing our PBEM as we go along.

    The story will take place in present day, characters begin in a large mall located at Niagara falls on the Canadian side of the border.

    Niagara falls:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	NiagaryFallsGoatIsland.jpg 
Views:	61 
Size:	283.1 KB 
ID:	4174

    Mall floor plan and store listing:
    *This is a mall that exists in Calgary AB in truth but we will pretend it's in Niagara falls.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	MallMap.jpg 
Views:	88 
Size:	192.1 KB 
ID:	4175
    Link to stores list
    Link to interactive map of mall