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  1. Blarg

    Home from work, not feeling well. Blarg... er... blog time.

    So I've been trying out Star Trek Online.

    I don't think I'm going to buy it, and I'll tell you why.

    It's too easy.

    The starship combat is far too simplified (speaking as a player of Star Fleet Battles for many many years) for my tastes, the ground missions are railroad "find and click" affairs with a bit of simple combat built in, and the most complicated thing about ...
  2. Computer Problems

    In mid-December my main desktop decides that the motherboard is going to fail. I sent it back for replacement and I sent back the cpu as well. Due to a mix up I didn't get the cpu until the day before yesterday and put the system together. I'm excited because I can stop using the old Compaq desktop and hit the power switch. The lights and fans come on for a split second then powers off. Great another dead motherboard, so I had to send it back and wait for another replacement.

    The downside ...

    Updated 01-13-2010 at 06:24 AM by Richard Littles

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  3. Cthulhu lies... gaming?

    They've got nice dice. I ordered a set of Cthulhu mythos dice a while back. I got them. They were cool. Now, they are lost somewhere and I don't know where. That hurts.

    I just ordered another set, but they're not the green-on-black I had. They're white-on-green. I tell you, I'm not sure which is more stomach-lurching, but I like it.

    Oh, and the engraved numbers and patterns flouresce, too. So they'll glow in black light or in the ...
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  4. D3 Games Chatter

    We have setup a mailing list called 'D3 Games Chatter'. All of the niggling details are being hammered out, like automated subscribe and unsubscribe and all that, but right now you can be manually added by sending me an email ( with your name and email address.

    The goal of 'D3 Games Chatter' is to give an outlet for those who enjoy our product lines to talk and banter about said product lines as well as an outlet for inside information and announcements. It will ...
  5. Back in Spokane Area

    I thought maybe if I started a blog on here I might get noticed more. If not *shrug* It's worth a try, though my life isn't all that interesting and I haven't got a game to talk about at the moment. Still looking. I did play with one group that seemed pretty cool...I need to find their email address again. Anyway that's all for now. Message me! I want to play!!!