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  1. Don't say anything about his mother.

    Deep in Undermountain, my gaming group came to an apparent dead end. Garion the group ranger (real man), Dragon the group fighter (munchkin) and Ellrend the group bard (real roleplayer) were searching for secret doors. Heinrich, the group wild mage (loony), was standing around watching telling them they're all mental and Og the Destroyer (NPC) was standing in the corner picking his nose.

    I'm rolling all of their search rolls behind my screen. The first ten minutes of checking the stonework, ...
  2. Cannibalism and you

    Another game, another story... at one point when I was in college in my fraternity, we started a sea-based Dragonlance game; all veteran players so starting at level 7 or so. My character was decided to be a ship's captain, so I made a wicked, grizzled, pirate / swashbuckler style character named Captain Mordecai Blight.

    Our DM in addition to the six player characters he had, also asked me if he could NPC Og the Destroyer. Of course I let him.

    My frat brother Jim was ...
  3. Heinrich, psychotic gnome wild mage

    Back in college, I ran a D&D Undermountain campaign. One of my frat brothers, a guy named Dave, never came to the table without a case of beer or some of his homemade wine which was affectionately called Dave's Black Death. Typically, by the end of the night, he was lit pretty good. He played a gnomish wild-mage named Heinrich who has as his familiar a booze-hound fairy dragon he named Nahals (after the wildmage spell "Nahal's Reckless Dweomer) who would typically sit in his backpack, guzzling ...
  4. Living City Og the Destroyer

    Way back when I was in the RPGA, I made a character for what they called "Living City", which was basically a first-stab attempt at having persistent characters at convention events.

    I re-created one of my favorite D&D characters, a barbarian lovingly called "Og the Destroyer". I couldn't make him a half-ogre as his tabletop equivalent, but I could make him a large human. Og had a maxed-out strength and almost maxed out constitution, and consequently, had a pretty ...
  5. Converting my 3.5 adventure arc to 4e

    With my 3.5 Brooding City fallen to the wayside, I spent a good few months running a 4e on the two players I have left. The seriousness of the campaign is not the same (mostly on my part) and I have used a converted 1e module and Thunderspiral labyrinth (raised in level) as the adventuring tales so far. As far as 3.5 is concerned, I currently run the Dark City PbP which covers a lot of stuff in the world.

    That said, I did have few good adventure plots left over from Brooding city ...
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