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  1. Living City Og the Destroyer

    Way back when I was in the RPGA, I made a character for what they called "Living City", which was basically a first-stab attempt at having persistent characters at convention events.

    I re-created one of my favorite D&D characters, a barbarian lovingly called "Og the Destroyer". I couldn't make him a half-ogre as his tabletop equivalent, but I could make him a large human. Og had a maxed-out strength and almost maxed out constitution, and consequently, had a pretty ...
  2. Converting my 3.5 adventure arc to 4e

    With my 3.5 Brooding City fallen to the wayside, I spent a good few months running a 4e on the two players I have left. The seriousness of the campaign is not the same (mostly on my part) and I have used a converted 1e module and Thunderspiral labyrinth (raised in level) as the adventuring tales so far. As far as 3.5 is concerned, I currently run the Dark City PbP which covers a lot of stuff in the world.

    That said, I did have few good adventure plots left over from Brooding city ...
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  3. Part 1

    She opened her eyes, silver stars shining above, their light filtering down through the trees. It was beautiful, almost ethereal, but very peaceful. But something wasn't right.

    Trees? She thought and reality came rushing back. Where am I? What's going on? Why am I outside...and in a forest? Questions began to buffet her from all sides as panic sunk in. She had no clue where she was, or why she was there. And then the worst question of all hit her. Who am I?

    The ...
  4. The Onderland

    A Brief History of the Onderland

    The Elder Days

    The Elder-folk, or the Fey, have been here for as long as anyone knows. Long before there were tribes of Man.

    Where they came from no one knows. Perhaps they simply appeared here.

    It doesn't matter.

    The Dvergar and the Alvar sparsely settled the entire region. Their numbers were never very great and they had no interest in creating cities. The Dvergar dug their delves in the hills ...
  5. Girls Boys and evey one else

    What kind of poeple does every one like in a gaming group?????