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  1. Breaking Dawn

    Well, today marks the day where I find the energy to continue my D&D addiction. While looking around for online player's groups and soon becoming depressed after searching for something within walking distance from my house resulting in no results, I stumbled upon this website which seems to be a dream com true. I really hope it does. However, I really don't plan to start doing the games immediately, I think that I need to look around on the forums and eventually rebuild some of my characters. ...
  2. Don't Hate The Dice: Hate The System

    My very first character in AD&D had all sixteens, in every stat, rolled in front of the GM, using the standard 3D6 system. I have yet to repeat that luck in character generation. I also had a generation that resulted in good strength, constitution, and max dexterity, average wisdom and intelligence, and a 4 charisma. He had to be an assassin, by the 1st Edition rules.

    This does not include all of the hopeless characters that get generated on a daily basis all over the world. You ...

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  3. Salamanthar's Campaign Cast of Characters

    Arrah - troll - paladin
    = 12th level
    Doltar Chainbreaker - shifter - scout/hunter
    = 11th level
    Salamanthar - fire elf - wizard/bladesinger
    = 11th level
    Thanos - assimar - favored soul
    = 11th level

    Baron Delgado de la Pena de Vazquez - gnome - bbn, inf, ftr, mnk, wrl, and duelist
    = 10th level
    Warlord Adal ir'Wynarn - human - fighter/wizard
    = 6th level
    Warlord Darro ir'Lain - human - wizard/knight ...

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  4. Eberron Campaign: Salamanthar's Spinoff - Part 2

    Salamanthar’s Campaign – An Eberron Adventure! (Part 2)
    998-999 YK, 3rd Sul of Aryth.
    Lightning Rail Station in Fairhaven, capital city of the nation of Aundair

    Salamanthar blinked rapidly from his restive meditation to glimpse out the window at the grand spectacle of Aundair's capital city known as Fairhaven; he quickly dismissed it as uninspiring. However, his troll bodyguard seemed to be totally in awe of the city’s sprawl. He glanced around at the rest of the first

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  5. Live RPG

    Im starting a new RPG based on realistic life of the past (1 BCE-1600 AD). In the game there is a clan of assassins who where and always have been the victims of being framed. The game explains why people are good and evil. It also explains why ancient texts refer to the darkness, as evil, and the light, as good. A sterio type that has never been explained. These assassins have lived since the beginng of man. Trained to deplet the corrupt, who abuse their power. Ever generation has a tale, and ever ...