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  1. Terran's Journal - Closer to the problem

    So much happened today, and we definitely have some trouble. I just hope we have time to sort it all out.

    I will start at the beginning though. During our rest, Xamra and Tulanthris heard some kenku passing by that were unaware of our "campsite". They overheard just enough of their conversation to learn of a secret passage that after a bit of searching we eventually found. It wasn't really hidden, just different from the others. It rerouted us by, I'm sure, several workers ...
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  2. The Road to War: Session 6 "The Dragon's Splinter"

    After charging out of the wizards lair and back into the crypt filled with skeleton the group made easy work of the feeble skeletons. They then took the time to search the body of the fallen wizard, but not being trained in the arcane arts they are unable to determine if any of his possessions were magical in nature and so decide to take them all to the halfling wizard for a thorough inspection.

    As they exit the crypt and enter back into the destroyed church they notice movement in ...
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  3. Rabid

    Back off.

    Sometimes I want to say that to people. They say "Man, how can you play (edition X) of that game? Everyone knows (edition Y) is so much better!

    RPGs have been around a long time now. From their humble beginnings of a couple of guys that published what was basically a pamphlet for which they could come up with no better name than "Chainmail" to the most recent 4th Edition game using online assisting programs, miniatures, landscape, spreadsheets, ...
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  4. "Gamer Chicks" - Take Two!

    Someone who commented on my last entry the typical stereotypical role-player: acne-ridden teenager, maintaining the opinion that as a "gamer chick" I was seen as something gamers are not. It would be seen as me "getting in bed with those who are the stereotype."

    Is it justified that gamers have to be acne-ridden teenagers or middle-aged men who still live in their mother's basements and play WoW or D&D all day? Why can't a somewhat successful woman or girl ...
  5. Lynus the Bard

    I started playing (Half-elf prescient bard named Lynus) in a table-top game today with tobyk (DM), his brother (Kenny: Elf Avenger of Pursuit named Jam), one of their friends (Scott: Dwarf Fighter named Arbek), and somebody else who was also new to the group (Adam: Eladrin Feylock named Ergo).

    Some memorable moments:

    Watching Arbek butcher a cow that some wolves had killed. We were then attacked by those wolves. When the wolves were dead, Lynus skinned the wolves, mutilating ...