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  1. Eberron Campaign: Salmanthar's Spinoff - Part #4

    Salamanthar’s Campaign – An Eberron Adventure! (Part 4)
    998-999 YK, 3rd Sul of Aryth.
    Entrance of the Ministry of Magic in Fairhaven, capital city of Aundair

    Folding the House Orien receipt and putting it into his pocket Salamanthar approached the Ministry’s imposing front gate.
    “Greetings guards; pardon the lateness of the hour but I am…”
    “Me no nose yous – yous kneads appoipment ta enta!” demanded the goblin sentry who slightly shook as he stood behind the ...
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  2. Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil 4e conversion

    So I really liked the TOEE adventure from 3rd edition, but I am a fan of 4e. Also, I have fun in converting things (the engineer in me).

    So I thought I start a blog on how I converted this 3rd edition adventure into my own little campaign, and some details on how my current players underwent things.

    The original started at lvl 4 and ended at level 14. My hope is to have them start at level 3, and end at level 20 (level up to 21 after finishing the whole thing). ...

    Updated 12-15-2010 at 12:07 PM by yukonhorror

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  3. Eberron Campaign:Spinoff - Salamathar's Campaign - Part 3

    Salamanthar’s Campaign – An Eberron Adventure! (Part 3)
    998-999 YK, 3rd Sul of Aryth.
    A skycoach high above the streets of Fairhaven, capital city of the nation of Aundair

    The late autumn air russled through Salamanthar's red hair as he whipped across the Fairhaven sky in the back seat of an open air skycoach. The landscape of the city was much more impressive when seen from above but still Slamanathar was not much more impressed. He sat on the edge of his seat both literally ...

    Updated 02-10-2010 at 08:31 PM by cigamnogard

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  4. Return

    I have returned from a year long void. Maybe some people will remember me but I'm sure most won't. Well, anyway, It's good to be back.
  5. Damn Groundhog Didn't Have to be Right

    by , 02-10-2010 at 05:48 PM (cplmac's campaign logs & blogs)
    Hmm, might have to make a trip up to Punxitawny (spelling?) and make stew out of Phil so that he stops seeing his shadow. Our tabletop group was supposed to get together last Saturday for a game session, but Mother Nature decided to drop the big snow storm out here. Many of the members had power outages, not to mention the problem with all that snow on the roads. If the weather cooperates, we are going to try for this Saturday, Feb. 13th. If we do get to game, I will get Belsar's journal entry updated ...