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  1. Eberron Campaign: Travel Costs

    Fairhaven Traveling:

    House Lyrandar:
    Wroat: 78 hours 1,560gp
    Sharn: 100 hours 2,000gp
    Korth: 29 hours 580gp
    Krone Peak: 92 hours 1,840gp
    Flamekeep: 18 hours 360gp
    Taer Valaestas: 100 hours 2,00gp
    Trolanport: 88 hours 1,750
    Stormhome: 32 hours 640

    House Orien
    Passage: 12 hours 180gp
    Wroat: 61 hours 922gp
    Sharn: 76 hpurs 1,150gp
    Thaliost: 30 hours 450gp
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  2. Long live Saga!

    by , 02-04-2010 at 05:45 AM (Random musings of an insane writer)
    It was an ordinary day, much like other days. I got up, showered, shaved, brushed my teeth and walked into the kitchen to brew some espresso. Naturally, I switch on my laptop and go skimming my usual news sites(mostly gaming related, hee), everything seemed normal enough, so I glanced over at the espresso machine and began to make my way over there when something caught my eye. It was a news item about Star Wars Saga Edition. I stopped, went back to my laptop and clicked it open.

    ...... ...
    Life , Games
  3. Part 2

    "Um, miss. Miss."

    She jumped awake, senses alive and adrenaline pumping. Her heart was trying to break through her rib-cage and make a jailbreak, and the rest of her body was certainly on the verge of making a break for freedom, or safety, or...looking around she realized that there wasn't any danger at all. She was still in the cart of hay that she had curled up in last night to sleep. But the sun was shining now and she could feel where the man had poked her in the ribs. ...
  4. "Gamer Chicks" - The Squeaquel

    LOL Just kind of "borrowed" the title from Alvin and the Chipmunks' new movie title...I really have no desire to go see it. Loved the cartoon though.

    I find that even though I try to bring romance and fun into an rp, as a balance to the intense hack and slash happening, and no matter how much my characters attempt negotiations with NPC's, they tend to be ignored, by the players or even the GM.

    The dice-rolling system in the chat room has not been kind to me...and ...
  5. Welcome Aboard!

    Thanks for joining my blog. I hope to use it as a place where I can post select fun sections from the various campaigns I've run or had the pleasure to have been in. I welcome comments and questions on any of my posts so please feel free. The more I know people are out there enjoying this stuff, the more inclined I'll be to post it up.

    This post though isn't an Og story, but serves as a chance to give little background on the campaign they're from.

    I've always been ...

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