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  1. "Gamer Chicks" and Romance in RPG's.

    Well, this is a random rant I don't know many of you will want to read but I just have to get it off of my chest.

    This has to do with the general subject of romance in role playing. Most of the role playing I've done has had a bit of romance in it and some innocent flirting which is fine. Though it never was the primary focus, it gave an interesting twist to the plot and me being a romantic, I had a blast with it.

    There have been games where there has been a whorish type ...
  2. Herding Cats

    Which is essentially what a DM does.

    There were a couple of sessions I didn't blog about because they were kinda short. But the group brokered a treaty between some kobolds and dwarves and now war has broken out. So the group is heading to the Confederation of Kingdoms to convince them to ally with Borellon and Callan, because otherwise the relative evenness of the two sides forces would result in a long, bloody, war (not counting the humanoid tribes involved.) The group:
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  3. Bughunt! XD

    Yesterday's (02/06/2010) adventure consisted of killing Giant Ants (where's the bug spray when you need it?) of various types (mostly minions) and praying to (and cursing) the dice gods.

    As a show of their fickleness, Arbek hit quite often in the beginning, and then hit a pretty long streak of no hits. Saving throws were thrown fairly often (mostly of poisonous type), including death saves by Arbek, Ergo, and Lynus. Jam's temp hp saved his hide on numerous occasions, so the bard didn't ...
  4. The Gourmet Adventurer

    After a few more days of travel and some small encounters later, the group climbed a fair amount up the side of Mt. Telwargath to a cave looking for some wild blue mountain scragweed to finish their potions of invulnerability. Our on a cliffside, they come to a cave opening with the plant growing all around. Og is holding one of the many cookbooks from his pack, reading off some of his favorite dishes.

    Og: "Ohhh!! Dis wun gud!! Chicken-fry buholder eye stalk!! Mmmmm...." ...
  5. Eberron Campaign: Travel Costs

    Fairhaven Traveling:

    House Lyrandar:
    Wroat: 78 hours 1,560gp
    Sharn: 100 hours 2,000gp
    Korth: 29 hours 580gp
    Krone Peak: 92 hours 1,840gp
    Flamekeep: 18 hours 360gp
    Taer Valaestas: 100 hours 2,00gp
    Trolanport: 88 hours 1,750
    Stormhome: 32 hours 640

    House Orien
    Passage: 12 hours 180gp
    Wroat: 61 hours 922gp
    Sharn: 76 hpurs 1,150gp
    Thaliost: 30 hours 450gp
    Campaign Logs