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  1. Rule of Yes

    In my various campaign rules postings, I have listed my preferences as a GM. However, I would like it explicitly stated that I believe in the Rule of Yes: if it is not forbidden or defined, it's allowable; and even if it is forbidden and/or defined, we can discuss a workaround... - and am willing to discusses and make exceptions to my preferences and even the game rules on a case-by-case basis. I like working with my players, and enabling them to accomplish their goals for their characters.
  2. Once more into the breach...

    Back again the intertubes have been boring.

    I have not been idle gaming wise. My Saturday group has started a new campaign with a Norse feel. They are out to become the rulers of the north.

    I have been working to get my long running game down in some coherent fashion. Two complete cities, Seahaven and Woodmanor two villages of importance Joy Island, and Malltranno, two more cities started Eyrie Keep and Hellsgate.

    My ancient and crumbling world maps ...
  3. Ghoulblasters - Free Fan System and Adventure

    I've uploaded Ghoulblasters, my free restatement of West End Games' Ghostbusters RPG system from the 80s. What ya gonna download?
  4. Superworld: The Gentleman Robber Session 1 Part 1

    Monday, October 6, 2014

    (After playing the original Superworld Scenario “The Gentleman Robber” with Caitlin Blackmon, John Forney, Kyle Matheson, Aaron Scott, James Brown, Bo Lewis, Briant S. Davis, and Nissa Campbell Sunday, Sept. 28, from noon to 5:30 p.m.)

    News in Charlotte over the next week or so was mixed.

    A jewelry store was robbed. According to the reports, the robber was very, very polite and the customers felt that they should help the man in ...
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  5. Superworld: The Gentleman Robber Session 1 Part 2

    * * *

    Hilde went over to Oregon and Edward. She had Lilith in tow.

    “Don’t mess with the magic man,” Hilde told Lilith.

    The other girl rolled her eyes.

    “I thought you said his name was Magic Steve or something stupid,” she said.

    “I guess it is Magic Steve,” Hilde said.

    They walked up to the two.

    “Alligator Man!” Hilde said to him.

    “Jesus!” Edward said. “What’s ...
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