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  1. Suicidal Thoughts

    Suicidal thoughts run through my head,
    this pain in my heart is too much to dread,
    im sitting here alone with this sharp blade,
    not going near the sun, i like the shade,
    it brings me everlasting doubt,
    that i cant ever scream or shout,
    he broke my heart right into two,
    'babe i cant get over you",
    these saddening dreams are hard to fight,
    babe cant u see im ending my life,
    i cant take this pain no more,
    my heart it ...
  2. Life About Emo's

    From here to there
    I wonder why,
    People cut themselves
    The only reason is a lie.
    With the blood flowing down their arm
    Of course we'll stare when they do self-harm.

    An "emo" we call them
    They know the name,
    We act as we slice ourselves
    But emos are only ashamed.
    They CAN help their feelings
    of being the one alone,
    They hide for the day
    just dying to get home.
    They head to the sink ...
  3. Her suicide

    Her last thought,
    as she succumbed to the darkness,
    was that of him,
    he who made her fall into this depression,
    he who first forced her to pick up
    that what would soon become her best friend.

    It always felt so cool,
    so right in her small,
    scarred hands.

    The feel of the smooth metal excited her,
    and every time she placed it against
    her marble skin,
    she thought of him,
    he who created this monster. ...
  4. Painful memories

    you never leave
    your always here
    suffocating me
    I can barely breathe
    because you don't love me
    as the pain kills me inside
    I bleed for you
    as painful tears
    roll down my face
    I'm drowning
    in the painful memories
    that can't be forgotten
    nobody will ever love me
    because I no longer feel
    I'm dead inside
    all because of you
    you lied to me
    and that hurt more than anything
  5. Bleeding angel

    I cannot breath,
    All tied up from these bandages;
    That are holding me.

    I bleed on the inside;
    Feeling my broken wings.

    Blood drips down;
    All warm and sticky.
    Staining all my feathers
    the color crimson red.

    I close my eyes;
    I cannot move.

    Bandages so tight;
    It makes me want to die.

    Time goes by;
    A tear rolls out of my eye.
    I start to cry,
    As I think; ...