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  1. Star Wars SAGA: Knights of the Old Republic

    Quote Originally Posted by Constance View Post
    Hey everyone! My name is Ronald and I am running Star Wars SAGA edition set in the knights of the Old republic setting, around the time period of the Jedi Civil War. I will be honest and say that the game has been running for about a year, so the highest level is 16, we do plan to go into epic levels however. Over this year I have lost a few players and now I would like at least 2 more to join us. We are very easy going, laid back players, who enjoy a good time and story. If you are interested in
  2. hold on

    hold on cant stop thinkin
    slow down cant stop bleedin
    its u minutes tick away
    blur into hours my mind slips away
    why it got sour

    hold on cant stop needing
    slow down it wont stop bleedin
    its u

    days go by im still dreaming
    months go on ur still screaming
    the empty bottle feels my soul

    hold on cant stop thinkin
    slow down cant stop drinking
    its u
    years go by where are u
    the ...
  3. my life

    dont u know
    the color of my soul
    blacked heart
    blacked mind
    dont u know the story of my life
    broken rules
    forgotten lies
    dont u know the depths u must go
    nothing to find
    nothing to hide
    dont u know coldness grows
    find the light come back to life
    dont u know the color of my soul
    broken heart twisted mind
    dont u know the story
    of addiction
    forgotten rules spoken lies
    dont u know the ...
  4. Do u hear me?

    are u looking down on me right now
    i feel ur presence beamin down
    watchin u get ill it changed are lives
    ur hand went limp and we cried
    i didnt relize u had to go
    emotions over flow
    i wish i had the chace to tell u
    im so sorry
    do u hear me
    praying for u where can i find u
    i am thinking of u darling
    i know you are in a better place
    somewhere to escape
    im looking for a sign from up above
    that u still ...
  5. Cutter

    I cant breath
    i cant live
    i cant eat
    without taking a blade
    to my wrist
    wear i watch the blood ooze out
    i watch and watch until it stops
    wishing to rip my life away
    i used to be a crossed country runner
    until the day my brother died
    so i take the blade
    and draw on my skin
    painting my pale skin with blood
    taking a sigh of relief when im done cutting
    its addiction now
    if i dont cut i feel like ...