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  1. Razor Sharp Addiction

    When you feel the stress you reach for the piece of steel you have made your friend believing it is
    Going to be there at the end and when you carve your flesh just so that when the blood runs you
    Gain your inner peace but soon afterwards you find your mind being taken by the darkness you just
    Cut from your skin then you reach for the piece of steel that seemed to understand more than
    Anything or anyone ever could because it never hurt you unless you forced it because ...
  2. Bleeding Wont Stop

    The bleeding wont stop,
    I cut too deep,
    My hand is numb,
    Iím falling asleep.
    The pain is great,
    I still canít believe,
    When i needed you most,
    You decided to leave.
    My face is wet,
    Why am i crying,
    Youíre making her laugh,
    While Iím here dying.
    But before I leave,
    I just have to say,
    I love you so so much,
    Youíll see you do tooÖ..
    ÖOne dayÖ.
  3. Your death

    There were things you had wished for during moments in your life wishes like i wish my mom and dad were here by my side you wished for somebody to tell you that they were proud of you and that every thing was going to be alright there wasnít going to be any more yelling every thing was suppose to be peaceful but that was just a fantasy in real life everything is going and you sit there screaming in your head for help but are to scared to say it out loud so instead you relive the pain by taking the ...
  4. Im Sorry

    Do you actually love me?
    Do you actually care for me?
    Can you actually look me in the eye
    And say Iím sorry?
    ĎCause I donít think you can.
    You were everything Iíve always wanted,
    But I werenít yours.
    Iíve said Iím sorry
    What more do you want me to do?
    I love you!
    Why canít you except that?
    You are my dream than came true.
    You are my whole world.
    Without you I wouldnít be here,
    But now I wish I wasnít ...
  5. More Trolls

    by , 04-20-2010 at 07:35 PM (cplmac's campaign logs & blogs)
    Well, as luck would have it, we managed to not get hit very often in the last battle with the trolls. We seem to be getting better at fighting as a group and are getting better at fighting in general. With the minimal damage taken, Corabell and Neravin were able to heal up the party and still had some healing spells left for later.

    Being healed and not having used that many supplies, we decide to go check out the room that Lorien put the webs at the entrance. We were surprise to ...