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  1. A Bloody Broken Heart

    Can you see?
    Can you see what it is you did to me?
    Did you notice that my heart is broken,
    and unbeating, outside my body.

    I put it in a box.
    I put it far away from you.
    It's shattered and in pieces held
    by the worlds strongest glue.

    But even thats not enough
    Because you are still here
    Your presence is haunting
    It's like looking in a mirror
    of painful memories.

    Why did you come back? ...
  2. Fallen Angels

    Hearts break,
    Skin burns,
    Fist punch,
    Heads turn,
    Love and hate,
    Smiles and tears,
    You and I,
    Move through our fears,
    When we fight,
    When we love,
    We are angels,
    Sent from above,
    With broken wings,
    And broken hearts,
    We'll find our way,
    Back to the start,
    We love the clouds,
    We love the rain,
    We hate the hurt,
    We hate the pain,
    I heal your wounds,
    Is ...
  3. Never to be Healed

    You work so long
    And try so hard
    To please your loves
    And those who love you.

    To satisfy the uncaring
    And to shut up who don't hear
    No one truly listens when you speak
    No one pays attention or gives heed
    They just ignore you
    Like a yesterday's speal
    No one seems to care
    Even those who do.
    With exceptional few.

    What is it you want?
    To be the only one?
    To just be alone
    and ...
  4. Self Harm

    These cuts on my arm,
    are from my own harm.

    The blood that came out;
    was from mental pain.

    To escape the rage,
    A slice here,
    a dice there,
    I know the sacrifice;
    The pink shiny scars,
    that will be left behind.

    Now my wrists are bloody.
    I put the blade down,
    Once I grab control.

    I stare down and cry;
    More time passes by.

    I get the cuts to stop bleeding; ...
  5. I am sorry for loving you

    Youíre all I dream about

    My every whole hearted smile

    But yet youíre the reason I scream and bleed

    The very reason I am in denial

    The sun sets atop the mountain

    Bringing about this lack of light

    Reflecting like a mirror

    My despair and my demise

    So where the love

    Yea I found the pain

    This loveless life brings my hate and shame

    Iím sorry ...