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  1. [Transdimensional TMNT] Episode 00: Teaser

    SEASON 1

    The place is Earth, though not as we know it. Magic exists as spirit given shape, born in the fighting arts of the Far East. Animals are born exhibiting all the qualities of humanity, yet are not recognized as human. Activists protest to the boundaries of their legal right, some even further.

    A sickness spreads, seemingly random in its victims; a sickness, some say, of the soul as much as the body. A sickness for which there is no cure.

  2. Inceptum Terminus Kingdom and Mass Combat Supplement News

    Heyas folks,

    Work has been coming along for the next book in the Inceptum Terminus product line. The next book will feature the integration and use of the Hero System Kingdom and Mass Combat rules. It won't be a very large book, but it will add in more detail to the Corporate States, units and their histories, and new optional mass combat rules to help simulate modern warfare better.

    I received a lot of advice from a few friends that had served in the military on ...
  3. Having fun as a player

    For so long I have been a DM. Although it is great fun telling a compelling adventure story and furious combat. It was a breath of fresh air after almost getting my character's brains bashed in to relish in the glory of surviving yet another adventure. What's more is getting to see the othe side of the screen for once. Another bonus is not having to prep for the next game except maybe to grab the dice and charcter sheet on the way out the door.
    I have been posting the adventure logs to my ...
  4. The Nature of Magic and The Great Wheel

    To understand the nature of magic one must first comprehend the nature of The Great Wheel. Time is the mechanism that keeps the great wheel of The Planes turning. As time moves, things change. The relationship of time and change is measured with age. Time is a constant omnipresent force, or rather, the relationship of change to the passage of time is constant.

    Nothing on the great wheel is permanent. Time changes all eventually and the breadth of time itself is inconceivable. The ...

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  5. Writing and stuff

    by , 04-08-2010 at 11:19 PM (Random musings of an insane writer)
    Because I'm taking a writing class right now I really don't feel like posting much. I hate that. I have to write an essay a week plus the 3 graded essays for the class itself. Blargh. Teach says to mix up the sentence structure a bit to make things more exciting. I say, bah! It seems I'm doing alright so far. The teacher has responded to my discussion posts on our website saying that my style is 'superior' so I guess that's a good thing? It may or may not be. He might have higher expectations of ...