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  1. My Gaurdian Angels

    I was in the darkness
    Felt like chains and restraints were holding me there
    I was a total mess
    I just wanted someone, anyone to care

    Then you came into my life
    I couldnt beileve my eyes
    You stopped my knife
    You had heard my cries

    You brought me to the light
    You let me shine
    You gave me hope that mabye everything would be alright

    The chains were disappearing
    and the scars on my wrists were ...
  2. Beautiful Dreamer

    Beautiful dreamer, wake unto me.
    Starlight and dewdrops are waiting for thee.

    Beautiful dreamer, just don't wake up,
    Life isn't worth it, when you're a screw-up.

    You're never right, and it's not worth the pain,
    Before too long you'll make friends with the blade.

    You'll want to be out of the world just as soon as you're in,
    And you'll be calling for help with SOS's in your skin.

    Trust me, I know, just stay asleep, ...
  3. Razor Kissed Wristz

    With the razor kissed wrists
    this is my bright red scream
    as I press down harder blood begins to surface
    I convince myself "you don't feel pain, forget it, it's worth it"
    You convince yourself that there is no pain
    I try to forget
    it's just my sick little game
    there's white ones, red ones, fresh ones too
    I'm ashamed of what I do
    As time goes by they get harder to hide
    more and more skin with scars on the outside
  4. Take It Out On Me

    How does it feel to out smart your death?
    When all that you wanted was to draw your last breath?
    How does it feel when they say you didn't try?
    When all that you wanted to do was curl up and cry?
    Please, don't ever hold the poisen in.
    You have to draw it out.
    But what can you do when you scream for help,
    And no one can hear your loudest shout?
    But you need to know that I'm here.
    While the skies are still overcast,
    I know that ...
  5. You Broke Me!!!!!

    When you backstab me i move closer to the blade,
    When you broke my heart everything changed,
    When i relised that you were not in my life
    i took the blade and put it in me hand
    griped it tight and couldnt let go
    all my pain and tear and anger
    went to the blade and cut me 34 times
    it rubbed on my skin like a little
    niddle i try and try to put the blade down
    but it dont seem i can...
    the blade knows when i am depressed and