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  1. fill my heart then leave me bleeding

    Words fill the air
    door fills the frame
    my feet fill your footsteps
    regrets fill my mind
    tears fill my eyes
    apologies fill my head
    goodbyes fill my ears
    fumes fill the air
    your car fills the lane
    silence fills the porch
    door again fills the frame
    knife fills my hand
    cuts fill my wrist
    blood fills the sink
    my life was full of you
    now my thoughts of you
    my funeral is full of your questio ...
  2. Faking Death

    you kill me with words, i wish i had wings like a birds.

    i'd fly away, and live for the next day.

    sometime i wish i could fake my own death, and take in a refreshing breathe.

    they tell me to talk about it, but i dont give a sh*t.

    just leave it alone, let me get back to breaking my bones.

    people will think i've died, but my lungs wont really be dried.

    i have vioce, and i've made my chioce.

    i will ...
  3. Just Another Child The World Has Thrown Away

    I've hated her for so long that I have forgotten why. After spending many hours with her today I realized that she's not that bad. She is actually a lot like me. Just another child the world has thrown away. We are both living lives that are spinning dangerously out of control. Weaving webs of deceit. Scandal is riding shot gun in every trip that we take. Behind these masks of fake smiles and happiness are endless tears. There's a tortured child rocking back and forth in a corner inside our brain. ...
  4. Lost

    I'm lost,
    I dont know what to do anymore,
    Its hard to sit there and think you know who you are,
    When you really don't no yourself at all.

    Everyday you walk into a room with a smile,
    But you leave it with tears,
    No one listens, Because no one really cares.
    No one understands.

    I live through everyday, and wonder how i do it.
    I dont know, i guess i can just deal no matter how hard it is.
    My will to deal with Drama ...
  5. betrayed

    i have seen your evil

    and lived your betrayal

    but now im falling

    and i cant be saved

    when will you realize

    that your the one thats wrong

    look in my eyes

    my crying eyes

    I've bled for you

    and this is your repayall?

    how could my best friend

    take you away

    how could you be with me

    but always want him