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  1. my life

    dont u know
    the color of my soul
    blacked heart
    blacked mind
    dont u know the story of my life
    broken rules
    forgotten lies
    dont u know the depths u must go
    nothing to find
    nothing to hide
    dont u know coldness grows
    find the light come back to life
    dont u know the color of my soul
    broken heart twisted mind
    dont u know the story
    of addiction
    forgotten rules spoken lies
    dont u know the ...
  2. Do u hear me?

    are u looking down on me right now
    i feel ur presence beamin down
    watchin u get ill it changed are lives
    ur hand went limp and we cried
    i didnt relize u had to go
    emotions over flow
    i wish i had the chace to tell u
    im so sorry
    do u hear me
    praying for u where can i find u
    i am thinking of u darling
    i know you are in a better place
    somewhere to escape
    im looking for a sign from up above
    that u still ...
  3. Cutter

    I cant breath
    i cant live
    i cant eat
    without taking a blade
    to my wrist
    wear i watch the blood ooze out
    i watch and watch until it stops
    wishing to rip my life away
    i used to be a crossed country runner
    until the day my brother died
    so i take the blade
    and draw on my skin
    painting my pale skin with blood
    taking a sigh of relief when im done cutting
    its addiction now
    if i dont cut i feel like ...
  4. Dear Mom

    Dear Mom,You said you'd always be there But you're nowhere to be found I can't believe you left me I feel so low beneath the ground There's nothing I can do now I trusted you with all my heart But now you're gone You're the one who tore my life apart I've learned not to trust There's nothing more to say You've lost someone special You can't get back each day Now you're the one left in the dark And all of a sudden you feel my pain You expect me to take you back But you still feel you're not to blame ...
  5. Dear Mother

    I can never explain the ways I've felt
    Growing up without you, playing the cards I was dealt.
    There were always many things I wanted to say
    My dreams and new thoughts that came each day
    I wish I could take back some of the skeptical things I've said
    To be more respectful, listen, be positive instead.
    At times I felt you were never listening to what I would say,
    So I'd get angry and react in the wrong way.
    I understand that it took some time ...