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  1. This Razors Call

    This razors call,
    Has made me fall,
    Its left me broken,
    With words unspoken,
    A horrible toll,
    For a leaking soul.

    This razors call,
    Is so addicting,
    Oh, but yet its so inflicting.

    This razors call,
    Has drained my life,
    Just like a hard but yet soft knife.

    This razors call,
    Went not as planned,
    Took my life with my own hand.

    This razors call,
    Has made me ...
  2. I sit here in the darkness

    I sit here in the darkness
    thinking about you i try to stop
    but i cant it is soo hard i cant
    hear none it is quite i pick the blade
    up and think to my self put it down
    my hand moves closer to my wrist it cuts
    1 time 2 times i cant stop!!!!
    I hear someone it is my mum she walks
    into my room turns the light on
    i have black eyeliner dripping down my face
    she ask what have i done the she see's the blood she
    get's tears in her ...
  3. As my blood runs

    As my blood runs slowly down my arm
    all my pain dissapears....
    i sit in the darkness i feel so much pain im numb
    i hid all my emotions
    i can not trust nobody not even me...
    the blade hurts like nothing
    it dances across my skin sliding and twisting.
    some days i just get sick of it and yell...
    i'll pound on ur wall and i'll kick ur door down
    i'll shatter your bones and ur body i'll drown
    i'll crunch ur arms and brake ur leg and ...
  4. fill my heart then leave me bleeding

    Words fill the air
    door fills the frame
    my feet fill your footsteps
    regrets fill my mind
    tears fill my eyes
    apologies fill my head
    goodbyes fill my ears
    fumes fill the air
    your car fills the lane
    silence fills the porch
    door again fills the frame
    knife fills my hand
    cuts fill my wrist
    blood fills the sink
    my life was full of you
    now my thoughts of you
    my funeral is full of your questio ...
  5. Faking Death

    you kill me with words, i wish i had wings like a birds.

    i'd fly away, and live for the next day.

    sometime i wish i could fake my own death, and take in a refreshing breathe.

    they tell me to talk about it, but i dont give a sh*t.

    just leave it alone, let me get back to breaking my bones.

    people will think i've died, but my lungs wont really be dried.

    i have vioce, and i've made my chioce.

    i will ...