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  1. Numb

    The day came too fast,
    I forgot to get out of bed and woke to the moon,
    I couldn't read a book,
    The letters was too big and the words made sense,

    I tried to feel today,
    But I'm horribal at emotions,
    Now I know why the meds keep them at bay,

    I need to stop dreaming,
    I need to wake up,
    I've got an appointment with my bed and she hates it when I'm late

    I can't wait till I'm grown up,
    Wait, sorry ...
  2. Another Uneeded Cut You Made

    I know you are gone,
    I have accepted that,
    But I still have scratches and bruises,
    That you just keep jabbing at.
    I'm gone out of your life,
    Your new girlfriend has made sure of that.
    I avoid seeing or speaking to you in the halls,
    I need my time to let my wounds heal and all.
    The few scratches I made before that had nothing to do with you,
    They seem to be reopening every time you do the things you do.
    My arm was healed,
  3. cutting

    as my blood pours
    slowly down my arm
    all my pain dissapears
    and i feel warm

    some cuts on my arms
    i thought would be my last
    but they were false alarms
    and heeled fast

    when i cut nothing matters
    and my blood starts to run
    but my moms heart shatters
    when shes seen what i've done
  4. My Gaurdian Angels

    I was in the darkness
    Felt like chains and restraints were holding me there
    I was a total mess
    I just wanted someone, anyone to care

    Then you came into my life
    I couldnt beileve my eyes
    You stopped my knife
    You had heard my cries

    You brought me to the light
    You let me shine
    You gave me hope that mabye everything would be alright

    The chains were disappearing
    and the scars on my wrists were ...
  5. Beautiful Dreamer

    Beautiful dreamer, wake unto me.
    Starlight and dewdrops are waiting for thee.

    Beautiful dreamer, just don't wake up,
    Life isn't worth it, when you're a screw-up.

    You're never right, and it's not worth the pain,
    Before too long you'll make friends with the blade.

    You'll want to be out of the world just as soon as you're in,
    And you'll be calling for help with SOS's in your skin.

    Trust me, I know, just stay asleep, ...