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  1. I am sorry for loving you

    Youíre all I dream about

    My every whole hearted smile

    But yet youíre the reason I scream and bleed

    The very reason I am in denial

    The sun sets atop the mountain

    Bringing about this lack of light

    Reflecting like a mirror

    My despair and my demise

    So where the love

    Yea I found the pain

    This loveless life brings my hate and shame

    Iím sorry ...
  2. Suicide is Your Choice

    At death's door you stand
    with a knife in your hand,

    Decisions you have to make
    lives you may have to take.

    This world's a sad one
    but it's better than none.

    If your life's that bad
    and you're really so sad,

    Then go ahead my dear
    give in to worst fear.
  3. Star Wars SAGA: Knights of the Old Republic

    Quote Originally Posted by Constance View Post
    Hey everyone! My name is Ronald and I am running Star Wars SAGA edition set in the knights of the Old republic setting, around the time period of the Jedi Civil War. I will be honest and say that the game has been running for about a year, so the highest level is 16, we do plan to go into epic levels however. Over this year I have lost a few players and now I would like at least 2 more to join us. We are very easy going, laid back players, who enjoy a good time and story. If you are interested in
  4. hold on

    hold on cant stop thinkin
    slow down cant stop bleedin
    its u minutes tick away
    blur into hours my mind slips away
    why it got sour

    hold on cant stop needing
    slow down it wont stop bleedin
    its u

    days go by im still dreaming
    months go on ur still screaming
    the empty bottle feels my soul

    hold on cant stop thinkin
    slow down cant stop drinking
    its u
    years go by where are u
    the ...
  5. my life

    dont u know
    the color of my soul
    blacked heart
    blacked mind
    dont u know the story of my life
    broken rules
    forgotten lies
    dont u know the depths u must go
    nothing to find
    nothing to hide
    dont u know coldness grows
    find the light come back to life
    dont u know the color of my soul
    broken heart twisted mind
    dont u know the story
    of addiction
    forgotten rules spoken lies
    dont u know the ...