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  1. The Story Of Carodwen NightWillow(WoW Character I play Now retired and faction changed)

    This is the story of my World of Warcraft character I play on Anvilmar Server. She is a level 90 Druid Night Elf(Troll now) and my Main toon. She did light RP on her old server. I started playing this after i left Dark Age Of Camelot. I miss my friends there a bunch! Dwyndalynn is my lvl 50 Avalonian Thurgiest but shes another blog hehe..

    Anyway this is the Story of Carodwen Nightwillow I wrote it to kinda go along with the rp aspect of her old server based on the lore of the ...
  2. Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space: Death of the Astral Queen

    Sunday, April 20, 2014

    (After playing Matt’s Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space scenario “Death of the Astral Queen” by James DiBenedetto on Sunday, March 30, at CaesarCon with Adam, Chris, and Steve.)

    Mickey Sullivan and Peter Black had appeared in the dying hulk of some spaceship. Mickey tried to scream but it felt like the air was being literally ripped from his lungs. Laser beams tore through the darkness and ripped into the hull of the spacecraft they were ...
  3. Old-Meets-New Vampire PbP

    Quote Originally Posted by Captain_Glycerin View Post
    Hey people. Looking for players for an old-meets-new Strix Chronicles game. Anyone interested?
  4. Far Eastern Wonderland #3 - Adaptation: Letty Whiterock

    by , 04-22-2014 at 05:27 AM (The Dungeon Master's Journal of the Unquiet Lands)
    "Just a moment! I am the mastermind, but I'm normal," Letty Whiterock, Perfect Cherry Blossom

    Letty Whiterock is a spirit of cold weather, and may even be the incarnation of winter in Gensoukyou. During the height of that season, she is immensely powerful, but her strength and motivation wane at other times of the year. The weather effects she creates can indirectly kill normal humans, a fact that doesn't concern her much. The natural fear of winter storms keeps her well-nourished, ...

    Updated 06-03-2014 at 06:41 PM by Umiushi

  5. Far Eastern Wonderland #2 - Sample PC: Koniwa Kanna

    by , 04-21-2014 at 01:43 AM (The Dungeon Master's Journal of the Unquiet Lands)
    Kanna was one of my sample PCs for the two other Touhou-based rpgs that I've looked at, and her appearance, equipment, and nature are briefly described elsewhere in this blog. These are her stats for FEW.

    Koniwa Kanna

    Eager New Storm Cloud
    Class: Primal Striker
    Race: Weather Apparition
    Size: Medium

    Primary Attributes
    Agility +2, Aim +2, Charisma +4, Cunning +1, Learning +0, Perseverance +0

    Acrobatics +7, Agriculture ...