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  1. What makes a hero or villain? (comments please!)

    We have a discussion going in our gaming group about the definition of a hero or villain in gaming terms, that is understood by both player and GM.

    Is "heroic" usually based in good/evil or malicious/virtuous? I would guess its gotta be good/evil since evil may act virtuous in pursuit of their goals.

    Here's the initial text -
    Hero or villains are labels for those characters adopting roles center to the game plot who also choose a code of conduct (evil ...
  2. Life's little battle

    Well, i sure wont be gaming in a new house for a long time. The appraisal same in way low. Barely what i paid for it 5 years ago and 50k has gone into this house... pathetic. Guess i'll be keeping the man-lair for a while 'cause i'm not going anywhere. Don't get me wrong, its a good gaming space - everyone loves to come here, but 5 years is a long time. Oh well... happy to still have the house i guess, since it came in high enough to refinance.
  3. Secrets of Karolak's Scow District

    Steel Realms Destiny: Dunstrand Rising

    The party, freshly healed and trained in Karloak, took up pay for an old friend of Taer. A couple new characters enter, while Meldrin and Eldric are likely gone. The Order of the Stone Hand pays the group to find out about folks going missing in the Scow District.

    Full account of the events...
    Campaign Logs
  4. Back into the playtesting saddle

    So, added a new member to our play test community and made some major decisions last week. There is so much feedback from the 2.x rule set that while i was compiling 2.5 changes, i decided to make the full leap and implement some large scale changes. Many of them affect unfinished non-core mechanics. So far roughly 300 change items across many products and materials.

    Yesterday's session we did the last test of Best Practice guidelines and integrated upbringing and weak backgrounds ...
  5. Tale of an Emo Princess

    Princess Dominica looked so beautiful

    All dressed in black

    With white make-up and dark purple lips

    She sat on the throne so full of majesty

    The onlookers were dazzled by her beauty

    And worshipped the ground she walked upon

    The King was not well

    And expected to die soon

    And the Queen had died long ago

    So the young princess would soon rule the Kingdom