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  1. Take It Out On Me

    How does it feel to out smart your death?
    When all that you wanted was to draw your last breath?
    How does it feel when they say you didn't try?
    When all that you wanted to do was curl up and cry?
    Please, don't ever hold the poisen in.
    You have to draw it out.
    But what can you do when you scream for help,
    And no one can hear your loudest shout?
    But you need to know that I'm here.
    While the skies are still overcast,
    I know that ...
  2. You Broke Me!!!!!

    When you backstab me i move closer to the blade,
    When you broke my heart everything changed,
    When i relised that you were not in my life
    i took the blade and put it in me hand
    griped it tight and couldnt let go
    all my pain and tear and anger
    went to the blade and cut me 34 times
    it rubbed on my skin like a little
    niddle i try and try to put the blade down
    but it dont seem i can...
    the blade knows when i am depressed and
  3. Razor blade of bliss

    I have a sweet sensation,
    Its my admiration,
    Its a harsh kiss,
    By a razor blade of bliss.

    It makes me feel alive,
    And always helps me to survive,
    It makes me feel warm and deep,
    Troubles are i never weep.

    I leave a beautiful scar,
    To you this may sound bizarre,
    Im proud of this amazing work,
    It always leaves me with a smirk.

    This is my sweet sensation,
    This is my admiration,
  4. This Razors Call

    This razors call,
    Has made me fall,
    Its left me broken,
    With words unspoken,
    A horrible toll,
    For a leaking soul.

    This razors call,
    Is so addicting,
    Oh, but yet its so inflicting.

    This razors call,
    Has drained my life,
    Just like a hard but yet soft knife.

    This razors call,
    Went not as planned,
    Took my life with my own hand.

    This razors call,
    Has made me ...
  5. I sit here in the darkness

    I sit here in the darkness
    thinking about you i try to stop
    but i cant it is soo hard i cant
    hear none it is quite i pick the blade
    up and think to my self put it down
    my hand moves closer to my wrist it cuts
    1 time 2 times i cant stop!!!!
    I hear someone it is my mum she walks
    into my room turns the light on
    i have black eyeliner dripping down my face
    she ask what have i done the she see's the blood she
    get's tears in her ...