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  1. The House "Opening coments"

    OK now that apologies are out of the way let me give you all an idea of what this game is about. The house is a game about vampires, not shiny frilly silly boys and their hyperventilating girlfriend, no the blood lusting demons that have no choice but feed the endless hunger. The players who I will introduce in the next installment... ( not a ploy to keep you reading Honest) all made human beings that were fro one reason or another desperate for another life. Whether it is the rock star with burns ...
  2. The House "Playing Catchup... hehehe"

    I started a Game about six months ago, and made the foolhardy plan to create a blog that would chronicle the trials and tribulations of my players. Now I start. Better late than never and by the time I catch up maybe I will have learned my lesson.
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  3. Finally started work on my western camapign

    Its a one-off sure, but i think its going to be fun. It may take a couple sessions to finish, but at least a few people are excited. I'm hosting all my materials at Obsidian Portal.

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    I'm going to offer the players a choice of characters from a bunch of pre-defined ones consisting of various western governments secret service agents, native tracker, secret society agent, ex-military (union and reb), freed slave, even an asian agent to interface ...

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  4. Not gaming enough - woe is me

    Yes, its a common lament. We all want more, and must balance out the family, friends, work and other hobbies. Ah well. Got a couple fantasy games - one is only a few times a year. One is regular. I got one on hold (Thug Life!!!), Stormbringer we do occasionally and i'm going to run a Weird West (think Jonah Hex meets Wild Wild West) game soon - i'm really looking forward to that one. One sci-fi that gets reviewed yearly and we all keep swearing we want to come back to it.

    I have enjoyed ...

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  5. Awesometon and the start of Lucifer Play ground

    So pretty much I am about to start and place together the places in my world and if I can I will upload the crud map, that one of the players have made and then the real map I use.

    To start the very north is the town of Awesometon. The whole town is on the edge of a 350ft drop to water level. On top of the mountain and on edge of a cliff. This town is rather small at the start of the game with around 200 people about it. A lot of those people are trades that open mats and rugs to sell ...