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  1. Gaming Pet Peeves - Part One - Attendance

    Well I'm not quite sure how to actually organize my thoughts on this, however I've got a few pet peeves about role playing that I find very irritating...caused by both the GM and the other players, or player characters.

    First issue is attendance. I find that attendance is good the first few sessions, where you've established your character, found how you're going to play your character, you come across certain life or death situations or the game sessions end up being simply role-playing ...
  2. D&D Encounters.

    I've been playing at a local Gaming Store (Game Preserve, Lafayette, IN) every Wednesday evening. Now, while I have enjoyed myself immensely, and am finally getting a feel for my character (it does take time for these things, you know) I do have to say that the style of play that Encounters brings to the table, as it were, is limited.
    Not that it's a bad thing, I have certainly enjoyed being able to learn a lot about 4th Ed., having been away from D&D for quite a while, but it does limit ...
  3. Characters for the Wild Weird West campaign

    None of them are PC characters right now. I got a lot of development to figure out the connections between all these culturally and racially diverse set of people. I want to give each one a slightly different motivation along with their service for the U.S government and their friendship with Jim West. Yes, i used Jim West. I can't help it. Its not going to be a perfect replica of the TV character, but strongly ...

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  4. The House "Opening coments"

    OK now that apologies are out of the way let me give you all an idea of what this game is about. The house is a game about vampires, not shiny frilly silly boys and their hyperventilating girlfriend, no the blood lusting demons that have no choice but feed the endless hunger. The players who I will introduce in the next installment... ( not a ploy to keep you reading Honest) all made human beings that were fro one reason or another desperate for another life. Whether it is the rock star with burns ...
  5. The House "Playing Catchup... hehehe"

    I started a Game about six months ago, and made the foolhardy plan to create a blog that would chronicle the trials and tribulations of my players. Now I start. Better late than never and by the time I catch up maybe I will have learned my lesson.
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