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  1. So you want to try a tabletop game online?

    So you want to play a table top game, but your job has you on the road a lot, or maybe your group all grew up can't meet every Saturday to continue the campaign. So you start thinking about using an online tabletop to keep things going. There's a number of different options that you can try in order to make this work, and it might be tough trying to figure out which one is the best choice for your game. You'll need two things to make this work: a way to show the encounters to the players so that ...
  2. Ancient Blood - catching up

    [For the Ancient Blood campaign group]

    9142, Month 7, Day 12; The party returns to the surface lands of Belmain only to find that all their mounts and any equipment has vanished. The ruins of Gnedfort City stand in the distance, and the party decides to put as much distance between themselves and the dead city as they can. The village of Terrovere is the closest locale where they were threatened before and likely where the hunters followed them from.

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  3. Online campaign materials - finally a success story

    So, i used to put all my materials online for my table top games. I created templated web pages and posted running logs, comments, email threads (IC), and reference materials that i thought were valuable for players. It was a lot of work to tie together in a way that was useful. WAS, that is. I transferred campaign management to obsidian portal and i now have 2 campaign groups working off of it and a third coming. With the google maps functions - it makes is so easy to tie it together in a way everyone ...
  4. My MapTool macros

    I did that short series on how to setup MapTool for a tabletop game, and creating some basic macros to handle the dice rolls for you. I figured I ought to show the stuff that I ended up making for the game I'm playing. Its still being fix and added too, but its pretty functional. Its specifically for D&D 4th Edition, so unless you're playing that game it'll only be useful to see complete and allegedly working macros.

    In the attached Zip file there are 5 files. Lets start by ...

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  5. Gaming Pet Peeves - Part One - Attendance

    Well I'm not quite sure how to actually organize my thoughts on this, however I've got a few pet peeves about role playing that I find very irritating...caused by both the GM and the other players, or player characters.

    First issue is attendance. I find that attendance is good the first few sessions, where you've established your character, found how you're going to play your character, you come across certain life or death situations or the game sessions end up being simply role-playing ...