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  1. Finally started work on my western camapign

    Its a one-off sure, but i think its going to be fun. It may take a couple sessions to finish, but at least a few people are excited. I'm hosting all my materials at Obsidian Portal.

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    I'm going to offer the players a choice of characters from a bunch of pre-defined ones consisting of various western governments secret service agents, native tracker, secret society agent, ex-military (union and reb), freed slave, even an asian agent to interface ...

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  2. Not gaming enough - woe is me

    Yes, its a common lament. We all want more, and must balance out the family, friends, work and other hobbies. Ah well. Got a couple fantasy games - one is only a few times a year. One is regular. I got one on hold (Thug Life!!!), Stormbringer we do occasionally and i'm going to run a Weird West (think Jonah Hex meets Wild Wild West) game soon - i'm really looking forward to that one. One sci-fi that gets reviewed yearly and we all keep swearing we want to come back to it.

    I have enjoyed ...

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  3. Awesometon and the start of Lucifer Play ground

    So pretty much I am about to start and place together the places in my world and if I can I will upload the crud map, that one of the players have made and then the real map I use.

    To start the very north is the town of Awesometon. The whole town is on the edge of a 350ft drop to water level. On top of the mountain and on edge of a cliff. This town is rather small at the start of the game with around 200 people about it. A lot of those people are trades that open mats and rugs to sell ...
  4. Free form blog, how fun.....?

    Well Iím kinda in a gaming slump at the moment. Iím planning on moving to Charlotte, NC in about 2 months and cannot wait to get there. I came back to P&P to get an idea of some of the people that I could be looking up once I get there. Gamers out here on the west coast donít seem to be as passionate as those on the east. I suppose I miss that. No offense west coasters, but itís ironic that wizards is based here. HAHAHAHA! Maybe I do prefer white wolf after all?

    Latest gaming ...
  5. Well then

    It seems that a lot of my inspiration comes during game. I knit like a fiend, be it sweaters, hats or poppets. I also took up chibi art and need to upload some of the drawings to the paizo thread.

    It would help if I scanned those drawings. I like the group drawing of the party.