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  1. Anticipation and Dark Sun

    When tax return season came around my wife and I gave each other a good chunk of change to spend on anything we wanted. I opted to purchase and pre-purchase every single D&D 4th edition book I could get my sweaty little nerd-gamer hands on. This included Dark Sun's two manuals and the Psionic Handbook that is coming out.

    Seeing those two fated words together brought me back to my youth. I still own both editions of the Dark Sun campaign setting. Indeed I still own EVERY RPG book ...
  2. Running games in your own home.

    I have been DMing for a very long time. Previously my gaming groups have consisted of friends and family all gathered in my mother's living room. When I moved out it migrated to my own living room. Now that I have my own place and plenty of room, the perfect table, miniatures, battle mats, scenery, books, and everything else you need I am hesitant to let strangers into my house to game. Especially since my daughter (Now over a month old) is born and in the house.

    On top of the time ...
  3. Gaming around Town

    So I am gaming in some games outside of my own (once populated) circle. Our DM for Pathfinder has retreated to his Townhouse in all but virtual identity and I continue my group with players; consisting of my wife and one other.

    The few meetups I have had at Game Empire for LFR have all been boring to me and got tired of playing those scripted mini adventures.

    I managed to hook up with a group that meets Sunday during the day at Emerald Knights. I am playing a Hybrid ...
  4. The perils of running your own game site

    I always prefer the control over simplicity. So, i went to upgrade the database component of my web site (i run my own hardware) and everything crashed! Of course, can't have an easy day off. Scrambling for 2 hours i made sure everything was up to date, port scan, yadda, yadda, yadda. No worries as its always backed up, but dang... i hate having the site down. Had to post a message until it all came back on line, database engine upgraded, now of course the server pages need to get recompiled... ...
  5. Comic Con 2010 in San Diego

    I went to Comic Con last year and had a lot of fun. It was not what I expected, my plans were shot on the first day, and there is a lot of wasted time standing in lines, even so I loved it enough I'm going back again this year. At lest this time I will know what to expect and have a better idea of how to see events I really want to see.

    If you're heading up there as well drop me a line and maybe we can do lunch, dinner...whatever.