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  1. Getting the dice rolling again.

    It's been almost six months since I rolled the dice at all, man I need to get back in the game. So I moved down to Portland after finishing up college in the middle of nowhere and was faced with the cold truth, it is a pain in the butt to meet people in a new city. I've run two sessions of my game so far with only three people, and I loosely have a fourth on the line, way below my goal of six. But I guess you got to walk before you can crawl so... Here is to rolling the twenties after far to long. ...
  2. Its a Boy!

    I'm having a son, he's doomed to have a geek for a father! Anyways this is going to change my gaming quite a bit so hopefully I can put a group together for Sunday afternoons who can handle a newborn. We'll see how that goes.
  3. wars in my world

    in the north is a war everyone vs frost giants, gobins, bugbears dragons. the war is at a stand still who knows a unknow adventure company will make the differates.

    in the south the drow are fighting to stay good or listen to lolth with help from humans elves and mythra (catfolk) the wars looks good.
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  4. Blood on the Stones: Solo, Amaranth

    It is the year 1425 in the Kingdom of Acamea. The Crusade of King Braden I is embroiled in violent battles all over the kingdom.

    Player Characters


    Amaranth An elven ranger from the forest of Cormanthor, his village was slaughtered by drow and he was forced to step through a portal into The Wilds of Acamea. Now he wanders with no motivation besides revenge.
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  5. Anticipation and Dark Sun

    When tax return season came around my wife and I gave each other a good chunk of change to spend on anything we wanted. I opted to purchase and pre-purchase every single D&D 4th edition book I could get my sweaty little nerd-gamer hands on. This included Dark Sun's two manuals and the Psionic Handbook that is coming out.

    Seeing those two fated words together brought me back to my youth. I still own both editions of the Dark Sun campaign setting. Indeed I still own EVERY RPG book ...