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  1. Blood on the Stones: Solo, Amaranth

    It is the year 1425 in the Kingdom of Acamea. The Crusade of King Braden I is embroiled in violent battles all over the kingdom.

    Player Characters


    Amaranth An elven ranger from the forest of Cormanthor, his village was slaughtered by drow and he was forced to step through a portal into The Wilds of Acamea. Now he wanders with no motivation besides revenge.
    Campaign Logs , Ayodya , Gaming
  2. Anticipation and Dark Sun

    When tax return season came around my wife and I gave each other a good chunk of change to spend on anything we wanted. I opted to purchase and pre-purchase every single D&D 4th edition book I could get my sweaty little nerd-gamer hands on. This included Dark Sun's two manuals and the Psionic Handbook that is coming out.

    Seeing those two fated words together brought me back to my youth. I still own both editions of the Dark Sun campaign setting. Indeed I still own EVERY RPG book ...
  3. Running games in your own home.

    I have been DMing for a very long time. Previously my gaming groups have consisted of friends and family all gathered in my mother's living room. When I moved out it migrated to my own living room. Now that I have my own place and plenty of room, the perfect table, miniatures, battle mats, scenery, books, and everything else you need I am hesitant to let strangers into my house to game. Especially since my daughter (Now over a month old) is born and in the house.

    On top of the time ...
  4. Gaming around Town

    So I am gaming in some games outside of my own (once populated) circle. Our DM for Pathfinder has retreated to his Townhouse in all but virtual identity and I continue my group with players; consisting of my wife and one other.

    The few meetups I have had at Game Empire for LFR have all been boring to me and got tired of playing those scripted mini adventures.

    I managed to hook up with a group that meets Sunday during the day at Emerald Knights. I am playing a Hybrid ...
  5. The perils of running your own game site

    I always prefer the control over simplicity. So, i went to upgrade the database component of my web site (i run my own hardware) and everything crashed! Of course, can't have an easy day off. Scrambling for 2 hours i made sure everything was up to date, port scan, yadda, yadda, yadda. No worries as its always backed up, but dang... i hate having the site down. Had to post a message until it all came back on line, database engine upgraded, now of course the server pages need to get recompiled... ...