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  1. Forgot all about this site.

    Forgot all about this site but today I finally had to walk away from the group that I had been part of, It's been too long since I've been able to travel that far to game reliably I need to find a group closer to home.

    I miss gaming, and walking away from that group hurt One of the DMs and I were in Jr High together. But the distance is just become a problem, as well as drama in that group. Easier if I just say screw it and find something closer to home.
  2. D3 Now Held By Titans!

    D3 Games has managed to get copies of our titles into the 'Coolest Store in Battle Creek!' Titan's Entertainment Cafe now carries the full range of D3 Games products with the added benefit of free coffee! How sweet of a deal is that?

    The best fantasy setting plus free coffee!

    With the 6th Edition of Fantasy Hero being released next month, you can be sure that picking up Kamarathin: Kingdom of Tursh will have you ready with the perfect setting to try out all that shiny-new ...
  3. Blood on the Stones: Solo, Rylira

    The Drow are invading Acamea! House Jael're has traveled from the Cormanthor forest through portals setup by their ally, Skellos the Slayer.

    Player Characters

    Rylira Jael're-http://www.penandpapergames.com/foru...ena-Starbreeze

    A chosen heiress of the now dead-matron of her house... Rylira is plotting to avenge her and take her place.
    Ayodya , Campaign Logs , Gaming
  4. Getting the dice rolling again.

    It's been almost six months since I rolled the dice at all, man I need to get back in the game. So I moved down to Portland after finishing up college in the middle of nowhere and was faced with the cold truth, it is a pain in the butt to meet people in a new city. I've run two sessions of my game so far with only three people, and I loosely have a fourth on the line, way below my goal of six. But I guess you got to walk before you can crawl so... Here is to rolling the twenties after far to long. ...
  5. Its a Boy!

    I'm having a son, he's doomed to have a geek for a father! Anyways this is going to change my gaming quite a bit so hopefully I can put a group together for Sunday afternoons who can handle a newborn. We'll see how that goes.