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  1. The beginning...

    Not only is this the very first post in this blog, it happens to be my first blog post ever. I've read blogs that others have linked on various forums I've been on, but never really followed one wholeheartedly. I guess I never saw the appeal, listening to various people discuss/whine/argue about whatever came to the forefront of their minds. So I guess this is really more of an experiment for me. I even have something regular to type about picked out that might keep this going more than a few ...

    Updated 07-05-2010 at 07:40 PM by Jororked Forgefire (i speel gud)

  2. I'm having a mid-life crisis!

    So I have given ownership of my world of Ayodya on Obsidian Portal to Blydden. The world of Trel I give to Shadovar. They may use the material as they wish and/or continue running games in those worlds as they wish.
  3. start a game of pathfinder.

    I'm starting a game of pathfinder. so anyone in reno can come and play.
  4. Sacred - Ancaria

    Quote Originally Posted by CharlesMarkley View Post
    We are looking for one to two more players for a biweekly roleplaying group.

    We finished a Forgotten Realms based 3.5 (with some 4E ideas incorporated in, and playtested some of the Pathfinder changes, but no plans to go to 4E) campaign story arc.

    We are now playing a (not the tv show) fantasy game based on the Sacred video game world using modified Heroes rules (our Yahoo Group & GM has the Player Background & Rule information). Our GM is really good about
    Campaign Logs
  5. Forgot all about this site.

    Forgot all about this site but today I finally had to walk away from the group that I had been part of, It's been too long since I've been able to travel that far to game reliably I need to find a group closer to home.

    I miss gaming, and walking away from that group hurt One of the DMs and I were in Jr High together. But the distance is just become a problem, as well as drama in that group. Easier if I just say screw it and find something closer to home.