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  1. Dieing is easy

    Comedy is hard. I've been working on a comedic fantasy story, which by now is more of a fantasy story with comedic undertones, if their is a difference. I hereby offer the first page of what will eventually be a trilogy, and then hopefully a setting of random books. The title of the book at this time is classified, because it's moronic:

    In a mystical land separated from our own, as these fantasy stories usually are, that mystical land was on the brink of war, chaos, turmoil, and horrible ...
  2. USA50 Almost Here

    The upcoming release of USA50 is nearly upon us. The manuscript is on the final edits before being sent off to Hero Games for approval. We estimate that the first title in the Neptune City Narratives product line; USA50: West will be available within 30-60 days after GenCon.

    Initial release will be PDF (through and Print on Demand (through
  3. A Brief Interlude

    We interrupt this campaign to quickly jump back to another campaign which involves my mother-in-law (no lie) and my stepson. We're running through the Keep on the Shadowfell experience and I've managed to procure sweet minis for our characters (from usafret on ebay. Great prices!). My goliath looks awesome, my son has his rogue with a crossbow now, and my mother-in-law has her Eladrin druid in 3-D.

    We ran through a couple of encounters and got to a point where if I didn't railroad ...

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  4. Week 8 - Two crystal golems walk into a bar...

    Wednesday means encounters, a day I can hardly wait for. Off to the local gaming store and time to sit down and roll away. This week we had a full house and short a couple of DMs. The staff shuffled around well and got a player from the previous session to DM on the fly for us. The back story suffered a little, but we found ourselves in an antiquated tomb covered in ruins of a long dead language. Two unlit braziers to one side were offset by two stone tables with mummy like corpses on the other ...
  5. Podcasts...

    So I have been talking with one of my gaming friends and she suggested I should start a podcast about world building for a rpg. Though the idea is interesting I am just not entirely sure what to talk about and where to start.