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  1. Surbrook's Stuff Comes to D3 Games

    D3 Games has acquired the license to publish titles in a new product line titled "Surbrooks Stuff". The name should be familiar to those in the Hero Games community who have likely used or perused Mike’s website of the same name.

    Surbrooks Stuff will carry on the long tradition of creating characters, creatures, gadgets and all manner of miscellany that author, Michael "Susano" Surbrook, has become well known for.

    "We are thrilled to have Mike ...
  2. D&D Cliches

    So, for your amusement, here is the grand list of cliches and absurdities that occur (and occur, and occur...) in traditional RPGs.........

    --Avenging Wallflower. These players play characters with a vast
    amount of unheralded, unseen power and go out of their way to be meek
    and unassuming, at least until a dramatic confrontation occurs in
    their vicinity. Whenever active, outgoing characters do something
    interesting near them, they will feel an unholy compulsion ...
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  3. GMing and meeting your players' needs

    This is my first post to the Blogosphere, I figured I'd give this a go. This is just a meager blog, but I hope you get something from it.

    I've been gaming for 20+ years now, and a good portion of that as a GM. Both as a young child (11 years old) to present day.

    Well, I've noticed a trending difference in how I approach GMing from those older days to today. I've always been trying to GM from the perspective of "This would be cool and fun" and "What can ...

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  4. The laws of physics in fantasy role-playing games

    There are really two considerations that need to be balanced here. The first is, the game has to be believable to some degree. You are asking your players to suspend their disbelief. The best games are immersive, believable, and realistic to a point. Usually the realism focuses more on the characters you create within the game and their reactions to the players. But sometimes it is important to have a scene that is accurate or a trap, or a building. At the end of the day if you have a group ...
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  5. Solo Adventures

    For those folks who play in a small group and are hard-pressed to find an adventure to fit their size, I will be adding the adventures I'm making for my son to this blog. We will be starting this week in the town of Fallcrest (thank you very much Dungeon Master's Guide), and we will be exploring in and around the area of the Nentir vale going forward. Enjoy!

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