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  1. Overplayed Character Types

    The Big, Dumb Barbarian

    Legendary example

    • Conan the Barbarian (Robert E. Howard)
    • Wulfgar (R.A. Salvatore)

    Take this brief survey to measure your Barbarian’s originality.

    1. Is he a giant among men standing at least 6 ˝ feet tall?
    2. Is his Strength unparalleled even when compared to other members of his savage culture (starting Strength of 17 or more at 1st level)?
    3. Does he wield a hammer, axe or greatsword that’s as big as he is?
    4. Is
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  2. Looking For Direction

    So here is what I've learned so far;

    1.) My stepson is a Slayer with Power Gamer tendencies (not much on the role-playing thing)

    2.) Saying he doesn't mind being railroaded through an adventure is like saying "I don't mind if you put that rack of ribs in front of me and force me to eat it."
    He actually prefers that I just take care of the incidental stuff like story, plot, character development (his own included), etc....

    3.) I know it's the ...
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  3. Blog entry one! Woohoo!

    Hello fellow gamers!

    Here's hoping this community gets me the gaming fix I need!

    I will use this blog to post the adventures of my player and maybe even of my own characters from time to time. I may also post news about what conventions I visit and the games I play or run there. I may also use this Blog to post anything I'm working on for a game setting or as a custom class/race.

    I also work for Scrying Eye Games so if you read you'll see a lot of comments ...
  4. ENNIES vote

    Cast my vote for PnPG... surely there's enough users here to get it in the top three...
  5. Week 7 - Lucky number seven.

    Another Wednesday arrived and with it another round of Encounters. Last week brought about a reoccurring theme, Jarvik has the propensity to die quite often. Regardless, when it happened this week that their were two players who had played Jarvik, I actually choose to want to play him again. I guess I took killing him off as a form of ownership even though I knew I could have switched out to potentially greener pastures.

    Nonetheless, this week's story started out in the same ...