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  1. Wherein I Read the Dresden Files RPG

    It's just about time for the start of the fall semester, and I decided to give myself a back-to-school treat, in the form of the Dresden Files RPG pdfs. (I wish I could have afforded the physical hardcovers, but alas. There's always the various gift-giving holidays~)

    The usual background info: The Dresden Files is easily my favorite series centered on a wizard named "Harry," and fighting hard with the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 'trilogy' as my favorite book series overall. ...
  2. Lost Island - Slow Start, MIA Player(s)

    Started with approximately 3 players, seem to have dropped to 2 (I hope the second person, that I know IRL, is reliable), though I now have another joining, and I may possibly have another person from the chatroom joining.

    It's a slow start - maybe it was all the faux Christopher Walken (Reginald Strolen) posts? It was a lot of text, but it felt like a typical convoluted action movies setup, that will eventually turn out to be pointless, like it should be.

    I finished putting ...
  3. Audor D20 -- Rebooting my homebrew of Audor

    Since they announced that 4th Edition was coming out, I've been debating what to do with my homebrew Audor campaign. Do I upgrade? Keep it 3.5? Update to Pathfinder? Go my own way.

    My final decision is to go my own way. I will be keeping very close to 3.5 rules, but changing only what needs to be changed.

    This will require writing up a new Players Handbook for my setting, and deciding what to change.

    Let's start blogging.

    The first ...
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  4. flexible attribute bonuses for older races

    I am not sure how I feel about flexible attribute bonuses for the new PH3 races. However, I am of the mentality, WOTC knows what they are doing a bulk of the time, so I was thinking of retrofitting some of the older races to fit this mentality.

    I know the essentials line is doing this for some of the PH races, but I wanted to hear what you guys thought in terms of what I have come up with.

    In terms of MM/MM2/MM3/Dragon Magazine races, I am leaving them be. As exotic ...
  5. The New Guy

    Hello and welcome to my first blog. Since I'm currently stuck being awake due to the loud drunken singing and staggering from my upstairs neighbor, I thought now was as good a time as any to begin. I've come here like we all have - to find a gaming group. I've had mostly bad luck trying to find a local game, so Pen & Paper Games seems like my last, best hope.

    The gaming community here in Madison, Wisconsin is extremely cliquey. There are three brick and mortar gaming stores ...

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