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  1. The New Guy

    Hello and welcome to my first blog. Since I'm currently stuck being awake due to the loud drunken singing and staggering from my upstairs neighbor, I thought now was as good a time as any to begin. I've come here like we all have - to find a gaming group. I've had mostly bad luck trying to find a local game, so Pen & Paper Games seems like my last, best hope.

    The gaming community here in Madison, Wisconsin is extremely cliquey. There are three brick and mortar gaming stores ...

    Updated 08-12-2010 at 09:57 PM by Wiptag

  2. Podcast part 2

    So after my fun and exciting trip to GenCon. (To run eight slots of PFS) I am back to the grind stone about the podcast. Right now the big concern is a show title. I have a couple but they seem to be a little much: World Design 101, Campaign Genesis, etc. It will come to me though.

    It was also heartening to have Rone Barton, one of the guys behind Atomic Array, give me advise and ideas to work with during GenCon.
  3. Week 9 - Another day in paradise.

    I must admit, I am a fan of the Encounters program. Each week has gotten me more excited about coming back to the game and looking forward to more immersion into the game. We seem to have a group of regular players for our session with a regular DM. It's nice to know that you will be playing with the same people each week and have them be intelligent about how they play. Sure, sure we aren't hardcore role players per se, but we know what we are doing and we're having fun at it. More about the ...
  4. Street Chases and a UFC fight, D&D Style

    The street chase went rather well I think. We started off with Donn returning the hide to Teldorthan and Donn refusing any kind of payment. This almost had me falling out of my chair. My stepson NEVER turns down loot with any of his characters, but ever since he gave that staff to Tobolar he's been Mr. Virtuous with Donn. I forced him to take the 200GP. Of course I immediately had him spend it on supplies! MWHAHAHAH!

    So we spent a half an hour or so going over the Adventurer's ...

    Updated 08-10-2010 at 10:18 AM by Malachi57

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  5. Knowladge Checks

    Knowledge checks. Knowledge checks can sure cause some problems in the game, such as:

    1.Rolling all the time. While knowledge skills are made to be used, too many players go overboard. As soon as anything happens, five different players are rolling five or more knowledge checks attempting to know everything. This disrupts the flow of the game. The DM is attempting to set up role-playing encounters, not simply writing a text story. Knowledge checks make adventure boring. A player ...
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