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  1. AnonyCon coming real soon (9 days to go...)

    We're down to the home stretch for AnonyCon, as everything falls into place and the excitement builds.

    The hotel rooms are filling up, but we've still got room for a few more. The dealers are packing their merchandise, and the GMs are finishing their last preparations.

    I am very excited about the new Holiday Inn Select layout and the amount of space we've got. Expect easy access to your badge if you've registered in advance, as we'll have those set up in the front ...

    Updated 11-25-2009 at 07:32 AM by bananapants (tagging)

    Gaming News
  2. The Final Part 4 - Pathfinder Review

    Hi folks and welcome back to the final part of the Pathfinder Review.

    First, I want to expound on the Vital Strike Feat that I talked about previously. The vital strike feat will work on a full attack action as well as a standard action and itís based on your highest BAB. You can only use the vital strike power on one attack but after itís been used, you can still make the rest of your attacks as normal. Sorry for any confusion.

    Chapter 11 Ė Prestige classes ...
  3. Pathfinder Review - Part 3

    Power Attack got better. Instead of +1 damage for every -1 to hit. Itís now +2 damage for every -1 to hit.

    Cleave is now entirely different, instead needing to drop an opponent and then get an immediate extra attack against an enemy. You now get an immediate extra attack, if you hit the first foe, against an adjacent foe even if you didnít drop the first. There are 2 downsides that I see. The first is you suffer a -2 to your AC until your next turn and you can only do a cleave as a ...
  4. Inceptum Terminus: Chronicles of the New Confederation 10/09/09 Update

    Howdy folks,

    The first draft of the book is nearing completion and is about ready to be sent to the editor. There's just a few odds and ends that need to be finished before it's ready. The playtest copy was finalized and sent to the first group of playtesters. Otherwise, that is all there is to report on the book itself.

    I've been working with an artist friend on the logo for the book. The samples he's been sending me look really awesome and I can't wait to see the final ...
    Gaming News
  5. Pathfinder Review - Part 2


    The new cleric has had a few notable changes. The cleric lost heavy armor but automatically gains proficiency in his/her dietyís favored weapon. In 3.5, you only got that if you took the war domain. Now everyone gets it. A few skills got changed around. You lost Concentration but then Pathfinder dropped that skill all together. The cleric gained Appraise, Knowledge (Nobility), Linguistics (note: this is a new skill) and Sense Motive. Overall, I like the new skill list.

    Updated 12-08-2009 at 08:56 AM by WhiteTiger

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