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  1. Enter Alcolyte Splurg, newest convert to Oghma!!

    It has been an interesting time with this group and this week have had no problems maintaining that. After the epic battle with the ooze, the party decides to take much needed rest. After that and a rather intensive search of the area they players found for themselves a good 'ol fashioned goblin torture chamber. The goblin torturer wasn't all that tough but the real fun in this area came from the adjoining corridor. It seems the party has found a goblin captive who goes by the name of Splurg. Splurge ...
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  2. Session Three

    This week the intrepid adventurers have arrived and begun exploration of the ruined keep rumored to contain a rift to the Shadowfell. No evidence of this has appeared quite yet but our players are indeed learning form their past mistakes.
    The approach to the keep was handled exceptionally with the party scout (ranger) utilizing his wood lore to exceptional effect by conducting a preliminary parimeter sweep of the outlying keep areas before the rest of the party commited to exploration. ...
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  3. DnD 4E Reactions; a custom system?

    So I am trying to figure out whether or not I am in love with DnD 4E. I can't exactly say that it has been the best 'treat' to read through the books! Some of it has been pretty thick actually. But I do like some of the changes and the style. I don't like how 'canned' things feel. I almost get the sensation that if I take something out, the rest of the system falls apart. Is it just me?

    Anyway, I am going to use it for my new campaign; I think it is definitely an improvement in technicalities ...
  4. For King and Country: Session 1

    Just thought I would type up what happened during the game for your amusement and so that I can remember later.

    So here we go...

    My character started out tied to a sacrificial alter on an ancient burial mound. The three PC's present for the game emerged from one of four tombs that surrounded the alter and rescued my character. We then talked for a bit and then delved into the next tomb. Only one tomb had been explored at this point. In the second tomb ...

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  5. The Crimson Guard: The Lost Hunt

    I adapted this Ledgend and Lairs Instant Adventure (I won't go into the details) for my campaign along with the Elf Village source book. I then placed this as the elf village in The Valley of the Obilesks where Shul Shennek. Luna had been invited previously by the elves to attend the Festival of Autumn lights.

    After re-roleplaying the last events with the Govenor, Kriv's resignation, and Darston Isle giving them access to his villa, I had them begin the adventure. Colby and Emerlin ...

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