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  1. The Damned II (Session VIII) - Dis

    Session Date: March 7th, 2008

    The 2nd day of Agony, 25306
    After a month of patrolling the Elemental Chaos, the haggard band of adventurers finally sets off for the City of Dis. The Centurion Decimus keeps his promise and leads his contingent of one hundred plus the party, now short one member, down from the Burning Mountains and on the long road to the second layer of Hell. The journey is not without danger, as along the way the contingent must pass through the region known ...
  2. Scarred Lands: Mystery of the Silver Starburst

    March 28, 2009
    Scarred Lands: Mystery of the Silver Starburst
    Third Madriday of Madrot, 150 AV:

    Having been found in the Penumbral Ruins, our heroes were confronted by the spears, swords, and questions of the mercenary company the Crows, regarding their presence in the prohibited area.

    Informing them of their jaunt through the sewers, they were apprehended and lead back to the streets of the city, and to the headquarters of the Crows, where they were

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    Campaign Logs
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  3. The Brooding City Pre-game

    with the finish of the Dark City I will be starting a new Campaign which takes place 15 years after the events of the previous.

    While Dark City was restrictive in playing rogue characters, I have made this one more open and have created a system to use almost any D&D book for 3.5.

    The premise is players are freedom fighters undercover in the city, plotting to overthrow the Masters who have taken ...

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    Campaign Logs
  4. The Dark City: The Emerald Enigma Part 9 Final!

    Tis was the finals ession of the Dark City before we moved on to the next campaign: The Brooding City.

    kevin cancelled last minute because he had to sell a car so it was just Mary and Rob.
    It worked out well because the others were together.

    Jordan the Abolisher and Milo the rogue were on a stairwell trying to get out of the palace. They went upstairs to a corridor that has two guards at ...

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    Campaign Logs
  5. Session 13

    by , 03-26-2009 at 06:57 PM (cplmac's campaign logs & blogs)
    After a couple of weeks where there were just too many schedule conflicts, we finally were able to get the group together for a game session last Saturday. Fezi had a co-worker come along to see how the game is played to see if RPGs are for him. So that he wasn't just sitting there, with some help from Fezi, I let him use the NPC of Astrid for the game session.

    Picking up where we last ended, the party decided that before they continued on that it may be good to go back and check on ...

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