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  1. Switching Gears: Light In the Darkness

    I didn't know Obsidianportal existed till today when I got the email that our site "allied" to them. Fortunate for me, I checked it out and found a really cool tool to all of us dms out there. Basically the site is a wiki of sorts that manages the information we type into it...I've messed around with it and here's mine only an hour.

    Also, you might have noticed if you followed that link that I'm closing up my Ravenloft ...
  2. Sandbox revisted.. The Northen Western Lands.

    It has been awhile since I went back to my Sandbox game, but today I will jump back into the fray.

    When I last left off I was finishing the Continent of the Vos. Now I will be trailing North West across the Bjornhold sea to a place that many didn't like to travel. The Esurdians called it the Darklands. It was a place of barbarity and primeval horrors. This was the home of the barbarian Minotaurs and their Beholder masters. There was also a population of savage humans who worshiped dark ...
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  3. Expedition to Ravenloft Session 3

    I'll keep this weeks post shorter than my usual with just sharing the highlights before I start preparing for the next game.

    * The PC's entered into a "Bride of Dracula" senario with some of the women Strahd has turned over the years (the three brides were Pale Reavers that were "draining" Ireena while the "Master" was away), the PC's scared them off and were able to restore Ireena from a withered weakend and diseased creature on the virge of a necromatic ...

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  4. The things I run when I am down a player or two

    Well this Saturday I am down a player, so I decided to run my on-going DA: Vampire Chronicle Heresies of the Beast.

    When I last left off the Coterie de facto leader, as she can dominate the hell out of all of them, lost her prized ghoul as she was staked in her Haven and the ghoul was dragged out by invading Nosferatu.

    This ghoul was body crafed by and Elder Cainite for her hospitaly when he visited Milan. He even went so far as to reprogram the ghoul's mind that she thought ...
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  5. The Brooding City Chap 6 The Cage of Delrium (prt 2)

    (This was a continuation of chapter 6. One player who plays Garrick the Hafling Druid was on vaction in the Phillipines so he apperas as a NPC at the start and I continue with the others. Another player just got back from vacation and I had to bring him into the adventure. It's not easy being DM)

    Professor Gray woke up to find himself with bandages in the home of Professor Spalanzani, his memory of how he got the injuries uncertain. With his robe all mended haphazardly, he makes ...
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