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  1. Introducing "Saucy" Rogur Kalor, ladies' man

    Self-assured to the point of arrogance, Rogur earns his nickname from his wandering eye and unquenchable thirst. Apprenticed at 7 years old to a merchant captain in the port city of Imareska, he's been on the sea for so long he can't remember any other life. Rising to first mate of the sloop Jewel of Imareska, he seemed destined to take over as captain until the ship was sunk during an attack just as they left port. Swimming back to shore, Rogur fled and begun trying to rebuild his life. He is his ...
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  2. The Claimants Wars follow up.

    So with the helm placed upon the Ranger's head and the seeds of discord set in place the first strike against the crown swung into effect. It was the wedding day for the a fore mentioned paladin and before he arrived at his family's chapel he spent a day in meditative prayer. Eron grabbed his men and raided the Estate of his one time friend and raped murdered and butchered all in the place, from bridal party to guests. The barbarity of it all sent a shock wave through the kingdom.


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    Campaign Logs
  3. Abyssal!!

    Just started running my new Adventure Path which I call count down to extinction and so far the Druid Amalia, the Wizard Ianto, the Dragon Shaman Caslar, and the Barbarian Malkan have survived a host of demons attacking the Diamond City, saved the Emperor of the Grand Human Empire from abduction and discovered the Empress has been a succubus pretty much the whole time. Now they are traveling to the ruins of an old village known as Black Iron to destroy a mysterious machine known only as the Harvester ...
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  4. Session 19

    by , 07-15-2009 at 06:52 PM (cplmac's campaign logs & blogs)
    As we got the group together again, the Minotaurs got to attack first since they had surprise. They caused some damage and fled, but not before the party was able to retaliate and had one of the bulls pretty badly injured. With that bull bleeding like it was, they agreed that a blind gulley dwarf would have even been able to track it. Following the blood trail into the labyrinth, they easily found the bull laying along the path. In hopes that it may lead them to the minotaurs, they healed the ...
  5. Session 18

    by , 07-15-2009 at 03:25 PM (cplmac's campaign logs & blogs)
    Upon defeating the Hill Giant and his Rhinocerous Beetle pet, the party continues on. They are finding that they have taken most of the passeges and are now trying to find the places where there is a direction that they haven't went yet. Following along, they eventually come to a room that has 4 columns along each side of the room. As they moved in to investigate a little, they are surprised by an attack of what is similar to an octopus' arms, but they know that this isn't coming from an octopus. ...