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  1. Nefarious Tendancies - Northward Bound

    After leaving Faith-hold Keep, Graven and Aeris rest up during the day. The following night, they head to the Sour Ghoul Tavern to see what is going on. Celebrations continue after the death of Elena. The two sell the paperwork they found in Elena’s office to Deathsong and collect their reward for participating in the previous night’s incursion. A mysterious stranger in the tavern catches Aeris’ eye.

    At the black market, Aeris strikes up a conversation with the mysterious stranger. ...
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  2. Tsojcanth: Search for the Drow

    by , 02-11-2011 at 01:33 PM (cplmac's campaign logs & blogs)
    Ok folks, the other members of our tabletop game group are chomping at the bit to get back to my 2E D&D game. Since I have gotten the opportunity to play a character in both another DM's 2E as well as another GM's Conspiracy X game, I have told them to give me a couple of months to finish getting things together to kick of the next game. I hope to have concluded my online "Destiny of Kings" game that I have been running in the Chat by the time this starts. All of the original 9 ...
  3. The Dresden Files RPG: Kickback City

    A quick summary of our Dresden Files game, up to the latest session.

    Washington, D.C.: "Kickback City"

    - Themes (Aspect): Entrenched political groups make it difficult to enact change (Us vs. Them)
    - Threats (Aspect): Growing dissatisfaction calls the underprivileged to action (What About the People?); New powers make plays for established territory (Small Time, For Now).

    The Cast

    Jesop Manson (Focused Practitioner)
    - High ...
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  4. FF HERO: getting past the guards

    It seems my players are taking the subtle approach as opposed to the brute force approach. Either is fine with me. Just a bit surprised.

    So they get off of the train and see the guards guarding the main gate to the reactor.

    They find an alley, climb up to the roof, and use it to get into position. After some deliberating, they find it is a bit risky to get in without subduing the guards. They surprise the guards and are able to dispatch them quite quickly. They ...
  5. My First Blog Post/I Just Played My First Pen and Paper Game Ever

    Hello all, so I have recently joined your forum here, and while I've only had one post, I can already appreciate your community and the tools you give each other to find other players. I decided that while it may not be an exciting topic, I thought it might be interesting to follow myself from the beginning of my pen and paper gaming and maybe document my progression.
    I got into Dungeons and Dragons by non other than the popular web comic, Penny Arcade. After I listened to the podcasts ...
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