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  1. Waltz with Bashir

    I wanted to see this movie because of the interesting animation style more than anything. I didn't really know what it was going to be about, just some vague notions about the Isreali conflicts. The whole thing is subbed. I gotta tell you, though ... it was a hell of a downer.

    It's one of those movies that's meant to teach something to the audience. The message that comes through is that no one is on the right side, we are all capable of attrocities. Even and especially the people ...

    Updated 02-23-2009 at 10:59 AM by GoddessGood

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  2. Life Events

    When I signed up for health insurance from my company (hooray for my first real job!) they said I should choose wisely because my selections would be locked in for a year except in case of certain "life events". Well, Iz had some good ones

    Fer instance, I moved from McKinney to Richardson. Huzzah! I am now about 20 miles closer to the rest of Dallas. All the players in my exalted game have had their commute times roughly cut in half ... though we haven't been able to meet ...

    Updated 02-23-2009 at 11:00 AM by GoddessGood

  3. The Crimson Guard: The Lost Hunt

    I adapted this Ledgend and Lairs Instant Adventure (I won't go into the details) for my campaign along with the Elf Village source book. I then placed this as the elf village in The Valley of the Obilesks where Shul Shennek. Luna had been invited previously by the elves to attend the Festival of Autumn lights.

    After re-roleplaying the last events with the Govenor, Kriv's resignation, and Darston Isle giving them access to his villa, I had them begin the adventure. Colby and Emerlin ...

    Updated 01-27-2009 at 10:11 PM by wizarddog (Spelling)

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  4. What's been Going on in Kevin's Game 1

    My co-DM kevin is running a 3.5 of Savage Tide

    Kevin, Robert and Andrew play in my 4e game (and in my orginal 3.5). Andrew has taken a hiatus due to work. We have two other players Marcus and Shaun.

    PCs': At the start we had the following.

    me Human Swashbuckler
    Shaun Human Cleric of pelor
    Robert Halforc Monk
    Andrew Dwarf Duskblade
    Marcus Grey Elf Wizard
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  5. Still no players

    Oh well life is chaotic right now anyway. I did convince my wife to do some one on one shadowrun 2e though. hopefully it will rock