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  1. Me and my Quado

    My son will probably kick my butt someday for giving him the nickname Quado, but he has spent most of his life attached to my left arm. He is in fact, right there sleeping as I type.

    My son was almost born 3 months early, but they managed to keep him in until almost 2 weeks from his due date. My wife had low amniotic fluid the whole pregnancy and they couldn't figure out why. When Nate was born he was fine, no problems, but about two weeks later he started throwing up and wouldn't ...
  2. An issue with 4th edition

    [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]Im not sure if this has been brought up before and if it has my response would be; it is such a big issue that it deserves to be brought up again.[/SIZE][/FONT]
    [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]The issue I am speaking of is the discrepancy between the wealth of a character created and beginning play at 2nd or 3rd level compared to a character that began play at 1st level and played through to 2nd or 3rd level. If you are not sure what I am talking about, I will ...
  3. The Angelics

    I ran a one shot last Thursday, and it went so well that it might turn into a longer campaign or a mini-series.

    The year is 2020, and a few breakthroughs in technology and setbacks in laws have allowed some of the fringe technofiles to implant biotech into their bodies to little benefit other than having web access that works more often than not. Cities have gotten bigger, populations are over whelming the water supply, harder to avoid being affected by the constant darkening of ...

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  4. For King and Country: Session 2, part 2

    29th day of Ches
    We did not travel far today. Though it is spring there is still a cold chill in the air this far north. No sooner did we set off this morning than it began to pour freezing rain. We were quickly soaked and shivering but pressed on down the muddy slippery half frozen trail that passes for a road in these parts. Sometime shortly after noon we discovered a band of fellow travelers camped on the the north side of the road in the protective confines of a large rockshelter. We ...

    Updated 04-06-2009 at 05:11 PM by kirksmithicus

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  5. For King and Country: Session 2, part 1

    First off, being the smartypants that I am, I took the following miniature (see attached file) for the groups wizard to use.

    So this time I asked the DM (Ken) for more background information on what our fearless band of numb skulls was doing.

    22nd day of Ches
    After eating a meager meal the group tells me how they came to be here. It seems they accidentally stumbled across a several Netherese agents several weeks ago and they learned that these agents ...

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