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  1. chapter sixteen: that fateful mistake.... (or, why my character is never, ever, EVER, allowed to stand watch again!!!)

    A fierce fight ensued in the main cavern-room in the lower level. We hid Sabriel and the other three with sight obscuring magic, and had them wait in the corners of turns of the main staircase. We hid ourselves likewise and rang the alarm gong we found with some of the guards loudly. Some appropriate shouting in Giantish and a clever illusion of combat down one of the hallways completed our trap.

    As expected, some giants came rushing down the stairs and into our fell into our trap ...
  2. chapter seventeen: the cold hand of death.... (or, my familiar is a what?!?)

    As I write this, my hand trembles. I glance about the camp, but my friends are mostly busy debating details of our next strike, the core ideas of which are settled. There is no one who will see the tremors. I had not thought to think of these traveling companions as friends, but what else can I call them now. None but a friend will forgive a mistake which threatens the lives of all. I did not warn the others when I saw the smoke, for smoke is what it was. If it were not for the dwarves' able help, ...

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    Campaign Logs , Against the Giants Campaign Journal
  3. chapter eighteen: up on the rooftop, the party pause....

    We are about to leave and attempt another foray. We have spent some time recovering from the nearly fatal trap we escaped. The dwarves have left, buoyed by a feast summoned by Sabriel. They would only accept a small amount of gold, but named us dwarf-friends. We shall find a warm welcome in their clan halls, if ever we should go that way. Arielle returned in good time, and enjoyed the feast with the dwarves. We have prepared well this time, and shall not fall prey to previous errors. The doors are ...
  4. chapter twenty-seven: mysterious ending, return beginning....

    Death was an experience I do not care to repeat. I have set the account down in it's fullness elsewhere. As this is my common book, certain to be had before many eyes, perhaps even before my death, it is not something that should be here for all to see. It was so close a duel. But he beat me by a sliver of time. I remember falling... falling into darkness. Sounds sliding away from me as I became aware of the sound of a great machine marking time beneath the threshold of awareness. As it stopped, ...
  5. After Action, Saturday May 18th

    Ron -- Johnny male Elf, Toymaker
    Sue M -- Sharpy female 1/2 Elf fighter
    Tom -- Sy male mostly human psionic
    Sue S -- Nelida female mostly Human cleric with a few tricks.
    Ben was absent due to family obligations.

    We picked up where things has left off. After selling the book they went back to the hideout to discuss what to do with all the money. They left one sheet of the ancient hand drawn porn with the scholar Luigi Burni took it for tests. It was ...
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