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  1. wizarddog's Avatar
    I changed the names of the NPCs to match the names from Chrales Dickens Oliver Twist-Thickerly Thaine fagan was the only exception.
  2. Max_Writer's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Matt James
    Great read. Thanks for sharing!
    Thanks! And you're welcome! Thanks for commenting on the post. I don't get much feedback. Glad you enjoyed it.
  3. Matt James's Avatar
    Great read. Thanks for sharing!
  4. dimntd's Avatar
    I would also check 5e forum and blog entries for ideas as well.
  5. eventhorizon's Avatar
    thanks i will
  6. Sneaksta's Avatar
    You should look up the AD&D advanced 2nd edition supplement guide, The Psionics Handbook. It was the systems main source, expanded way beyond Dark Sun. ( which was 2nd ed also) However, look for a d20 supplement also, affiliated with Pathfinder rules, Psionics Unleashed. Lemme know if this helps.