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Stuff that I created or have found useful.

Curmudgeon Creations

The Poor Bastards Almanac - (291 kb pdf) A calender with weather, moon phases and such.

The Old English Name Matrix - (117 kb pdf) A printable random name table with Old English (and English sounding) proper names and surnames.

Drowned Earth Map - (154 kb png) I just love this map. It was created for a Rifts variant that I attempted to run a long, long, time ago. It shows the eastern half of the U.S. as it would likely look if sea levels had risen drastically, around 150 meters (I think).

AutoName Files - (64kb zip) These are some files that I created for the AutoName program that comes with AutoRealm. Extract and Dump into the appropriate file (C:/programfiles/AutoREALM/AutoNAME).

Favorite Freeware

Foxit Reader - A free, lightweight pdf reader that loads soooo much faster than Adobe.

PhotoFiltre - A really good photo / graphics editor that I use all the time. Well worth the space.

AutoRealm - A decent RPG mapping utility program, not the greatest thing I have ever used, but still useful. The best thing about it is the AutoName program that comes with it. A really good and easy to modify name generator.

Namemage - A ridiculously small name generator (386 kb or so). Easy to use but has some limitations.

Dungeon Crafter III - A great, easy to use program for creating simple dungeons. The only drawback of the freeware version is some disabled features (like import) and the small map size. Creating custom, floors, walls and objects is very easy to create and modify and extends the versatility of the program.