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  1. My Return and Leadership

    First off let me say I am sorry this was supposed to become a bimonthly thing, but then I broke gamer code and got a job! But I have finally gotten settled into the grove and found time to start this experiment again.
    Leadership, this is the topic this week. What makes a leader? Are leaders born? Can you train some one? I am not asking what makes a good leader or a great leader just what makes a person a leader? It not that complicated to be a leader, all you must do is point in a direction ...
  2. Some Taboos and Personal Issues

    Ok geeks and gamers this posting is keeping with the ranting theme and talks about a taboo topic and other that most people grin and bear. Meta gamming, being prepared, and bad mouthing others games.

    Meta-gamming, This is another of the RPG bad words and a Taboo among gamers. To those that don't know what this word is it is defined as, when a player uses knowledge that is not available to their character in order to change the way they play their character (usually ...
  3. My First player Rant

    The following Rant I posted to a game board in which I am involved in, though it is targeting the player in that group I think that I can and does apply to other game. And I promise it is not the typical player rant.

    Ladies and gentlemen there comes a time in every gamers life when he does something stupid, and its been a while since I have had my moment so this is my stupid moment for a while, I am going to do a player rant.....Oh, gods not another one these they happen all ...