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  1. tesral's Avatar
    I often repeat the old saw that there are five stories in the world. Which you tell is less important how you tell it. How you make the basic and timeless theme your own with setting and character.

    I did an experiment a few years back. I took a David Arkenstone album, Music inspired by Middle Earth. I rearranged the songs, I tagged each with an aspect of my Star Trek writing from theme onward. Retitled, burned the disk. I created a booklet of liner notes, composer and writer bios. Went whole hog, and set it to my friend without introduction or comment.

    Result, he bought the Album as Star Trek music. Even knowing where it comes from he cannot shake the brand I stamped on the album.

    Moral? I suppose that how you say it matters. Something might inspire you, but what you take from that will be yours.
  2. Farcaster's Avatar
    Sad to say, but I have come up with some of my best gaming ideas while taking a shower. The only problem is, of course, I never have anything with me to write the ideas down
  3. Farcaster's Avatar
    On Thursday, One Geek to Another was syndicated on its first remote site. Pen and Paper Games, a site dedicated to connecting gamers with games. Pen and Paper, which has a membership of just under 10 thousand folks, now hosts One Geek as a feature in its forums, where it's reaching a whole new audience. I'm very grateful to Robert from PNPG for supporting my work and providing it to his members.
    We're glad to have you, Jess!