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  1. In Which We Find Inspiration...

    In a recent letter from one of my readers, I was asked about how to deal with a specific form of writer's block. Not the inability to write anything, in this case, but being stymied partway into a project because you suddenly realize that the story feels familiar. In an instant, you've gone from energized about your latest work to double-checking every aspect of it against any book, movie or song you've ever heard.

    The letter from "Stuck in a Rut" (amd my response) will ...
  2. In Which We Have A Busy Week...

    Wow, this has been an exciting week for me! Crazy busy (hey, this is becoming habit) so I'm going to touch lightly on what I can.

    Tinker's Damn (Steampunk Card Game)
    Monday, I sent off the prototype of Tinker's Damn for review by my first game company. This is thrilling, not just because the game is finally ready to show others, but because I wowed the owner/lead game designer enough with the inquiry letter to lead him to ask to see the prototype. I know that (like being published
  3. Talking to Sharks...

    Recently, I've had the pleasure of doing some game-creation work for Lone Shark Games, a fantastic collective of game-makers, event planners and all around fun-makers.
    You may have encountered their work at Gen Con's Guardian 6 events or Puzzle Hunts.
    Or, if you work for a cool enough company, it's possible they may have organized or invented games for one of your events.
    You may have played "[ame="http://www.amazon.com/Playroom-Entertainment-Unspeakable-Words-Game/dp/B000UC8BPE"]Unspeakable ...

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