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  1. The Tale of Garrick

    I wrote the following short story as a character background for a PC I was playing at Sunshine Games on Bird Rd. in Miami, FL.

    My original intent was to post it here in the blog, chapter by chapter, but I got lazy and decided not to do it, so here is the entire story.

    The Tale of Garrick

    1. The Early Years
    2. The Trip To Calaunt
    3. The Tale of His Failed Apprenticeship
    4. The Teeth of Calaunt
    5. Garrick Rides Patrol For the the Teeth
    6. The Mocking Maiden

    Updated 02-20-2010 at 11:34 AM by michael (typos, of course)

    Garrick the Generic
  2. Meet up and stuff...


    I attended my first meet up yesterday and it was really fun. We met at Ghiradeli's and had ice cream. Then we played Magic. Then we went and had pizza at Pizza Rustico. Then we played Magic. Then we went to one of the guys apartment and had sods. Then we played Magic.

    LOL, I did not even wind up getting home until almost 3:30 in the morning!

    We talked about the nature of deities in Forgotten Realms. We covered AO, Nurgull, Bane, Cyric, Mystra. ...
  3. So This Is Mars...

    I finally got my GURPS game going! Yay!!! I had 5 players show up, none of which had much/any experience with GURPS. However, they are all experienced with D&D. I fugure the five of them have an average of around 7 years playing, so it was not a difficult transition. In fact they all got characters made in about 2 hours (which, if you know GURPS, that is quite a feat).

    The game takes lace on a future Mars colony, that has impending doom headed it's way. What will the characters ...

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    GURPS - A Gleaming Metropolis
  4. Garrick the Generic Chapter Three

    See the whole story here:

    Updated 02-20-2010 at 11:35 AM by michael (to redirect to the whole story.)

    Garrick the Generic
  5. Another day, another dollar...

    Wow, what a week!

    I got another account for my business here in Miami, that was great! It is an insurance salesman. I hope he prints a lot! He is a buddy of mine from the cigar shop. BTW, I have been choosing the lanceros lately. The draw on them is very easy. I choose the Connecticut shade wrapper. D&D was almost as good as the cigars.

    Our Sunshine Games 3.5 D&D group met again, we had a very good "housekeeping" session. We established the ...
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