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  1. Dieing is easy

    Comedy is hard. I've been working on a comedic fantasy story, which by now is more of a fantasy story with comedic undertones, if their is a difference. I hereby offer the first page of what will eventually be a trilogy, and then hopefully a setting of random books. The title of the book at this time is classified, because it's moronic:

    In a mystical land separated from our own, as these fantasy stories usually are, that mystical land was on the brink of war, chaos, turmoil, and horrible ...
  2. Into the Castle

    The group, upon entering the castle- see my last blog- were immediately assaulted by a group of skeletons, ordered to defend the entrance from anyone but the old wizard himself. The might cleric Morethump turned them all to dust rather quickly, so the group continued on. The main floor had several simple traps but no other monsters, and finding several potions in the kitchen, they went to the second floor, which held the garden.

    Once there they quickly saw that getting the branches ...
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  3. Herding Cats

    Which is essentially what a DM does.

    There were a couple of sessions I didn't blog about because they were kinda short. But the group brokered a treaty between some kobolds and dwarves and now war has broken out. So the group is heading to the Confederation of Kingdoms to convince them to ally with Borellon and Callan, because otherwise the relative evenness of the two sides forces would result in a long, bloody, war (not counting the humanoid tribes involved.) The group:
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  4. The DM Adventure Continues

    I have no class today, whoo! Oh wait, that means I have no excuse to not get work done...

    Anway, my second time as DM was brief and scatterbrained as my players were anxious and in a hurry. The party, this time just rochester, the Halfing Rogue, and Ellwick, the Sorceress Gnome, fought off the gnolls and barely escaped the desruction of a military outpost.

    Upon returning to the wagon train they were to protect, now with the needed horses, they made a startling discovery; ...
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  5. I Call Her Viera

    Vee-Era is how you pronounce that. Through perserverence and carpooling, my weekly game is back.

    We travelled on a Dwarven battleship to a bay after fighting and killing a sea dragon adult. We then arrived on the beaches near a city enslaved by reptilian humanoids. Boleel, the bronscale in our group, used coercion to gather information, and we made our way to one of two watch towers overlooking the sea, both of which held high level casters that sent fireballs at enemy ships, including ...
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