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  1. Dieing is easy

    Comedy is hard. I've been working on a comedic fantasy story, which by now is more of a fantasy story with comedic undertones, if their is a difference. I hereby offer the first page of what will eventually be a trilogy, and then hopefully a setting of random books. The title of the book at this time is classified, because it's moronic:

    In a mystical land separated from our own, as these fantasy stories usually are, that mystical land was on the brink of war, chaos, turmoil, and horrible ...
  2. Change in the wind

    Well my DM is getting local minded about the game. If he ever starts it back up it'll be farther away, but if I have an address, Mapquest, and a highway I can get there.

    I am finally starting to catch up on course assignments, although I'm so behind my literature reading I couldn't answer any questions on todays pop quiz.

    It's looking good for my Sunday bi-weekly game I'll be DM'ing. I got everything I need except the players, and I get those Sunday. I'll post a log of ...
  3. DM in Peril

    Okay I exagerated. He's having some trouble dealing with classes so my weekly game Saturday is cancelled for the third time in a row. He expressed doubt about being able to DM for a few weeks, and I'm worried the game will get cancelled. I can't find a group on campus and my DM seems unwilling to get someone else to run it which I can understand, he created it, he should control it.

    I'll have to wait and see what happens. I got tons of school reading to do and laundry this weekend, ...
  4. Ballad of Too Much Free Time

    Our session was cancelled due to real life last Saturday, so I'm posting the ballad I wrote of our exploits of two sessions ago:

    The Ballad of Svrikir

    Their once was a king of Lizardfolk,
    Who were green in scale not black.
    Who overthrew their king Svrikir,
    And stabbed him in the back.

    He wandered the swamps in need of aide,
    And found adventurers not seeking to be paid.
    Tennebrus Liadon, the Elvin Paladin was first to ...
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  5. Dwarves read my mind

    I must have annoyed my DM one too many times about flintlock guns-or a gun that shoots fireballs, which when you think about it makes sense-cuz he gave me a taste of what I wanted-ie something other than Middle Age tech- an ironclad, steam powered, and equipped with cannons!

    Sadly, the dwarves are not known for their generosity of sharing technology, so it's unlikely my group will be getting one for our land, which borders the sea, any time soon.