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  1. GMX, live blog updates.

    Greetings P&PG from Gmx

    Kayeotic neutral and myself are attending the 1st Geek Media Expo in nashville.

    Fresh after opening ceremonies I have one feeling about this new convention: hopeful.

    At a total regestrant of 500 the first day it is far from the mega cons such as sakuracon, or pax, or gencon. However for a first time con it has a fair amout of events, appearances, and a generic air of 'we know what we're doing we just need a bigger following' ...
  2. Gaming today.

    Why do all these "new" renditions of classic games go so far from what I'm used to? Why does every company try to appeal to the mmo genrea as much as possible. I know those games are the 'whats hot' right now, but I play mmos for an expansive community, and tabletops because I actually like interpersonal actions. there is no way to convey across a monitor the sneer on your paladin's face when you say troll, or the subtle look of delight when the Solo finda a new piece of cyberwear. Emotes ...